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Title: Revision of Procedures
Post by: Rocky on February 25, 2004, 02:04:58 AM
In light of certain developments, I would like to raise a few topics for discussion.  I value your feedback.

Moving of threads
The transfer of a thread should be at the moderators discretion.  

After a thread has moved, this is the correct place to change and edit a thread (if it is salvageable), and after discussion moved back to its origin.

Copying of threads
There is no need to copy the whole thread.  It should be moved instantly and sorted out in the moderators section.  I think we should eliminate this process and / or simplify it, by enforcing our rights as moderators by fixing the threads up without having to move it.

Off-Topic Posts
This will likely turn into a heated debate.  As I have strong concerns in this area.  Recently there has been a handful of members abusing their privilages, and posting in threads which are irrelevant to the concerned topic.  
I request that we should be able to enforce our roles as "moderators" and without notice, remove posts, and edit threads to ensure they remain on topic, within reason of course (Common Sense).  I have no intention on behaving like a "nazi" moderator, Joking around socially in threads is okay, but when it becomes a page or more of one liner garbage that is completely off topic (refer: Speal Thread) I dont think we should have to explain why we edit the threads.

Respect as Moderator
Personally I feel that with regard to this post, there will be backlash from certain members
I am more than happy to receive back comments from anyone concerned, and explain to them why certain events happened.  I am also still more than willing to PM them before telling them I have edited or removed their posts.
On a personal note, I feel I should not have to justify myself to anyone but John W. (Arithon)

I would just like to point out that in our 'Terms and Conditions of the Forums' the following seems to be written to protect our roles as moderators, however in the past months, posts exactly like this have been evident in them:


"Do not post a topic or thread asking or demanding what happen. Those that openly post in such a way will be subject to instant banning from not only the Classified section but the forums"

"Skylines Downunder may modify, suspend, withdraw or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Content, in whole or in part, at any time without notice"

Also, in relation to off-topic posts
"Repeatedly posting off-topic messages or spamming the discussion forum by ..(blah).. deliberately disrupting any discussion threads are unacceptable behaviors and will result in termination of your privileges and access to the web forum.

I think that my request is fair, considering everyone who accepts the terms of agreement to be eligible to post on these forums has checked the "ACCEPTED" box beside all of the above quoted rules before engaging practice on these forums.

My main intention is to bring to your attention the Off-topic posts, the off topic threads, and that moderator rights should be protected and that the current practices that we have enforced for years are fine.

Title: Revision of Procedures
Post by: Anguss on February 25, 2004, 02:14:46 AM
I have no comments about the Off-Topic section of this forum, I personally don't see the need for it! In all honesty it just makes the forum look messy and you have to admit that Financial members are getting caught up in the crap because they are non-stop posting bull...
I would like to see more respect toward moderators, if I pull a thread or something like that it's because I feel it needs to be edited or deleted... Simple as that!
There is only one instance where I have not PM'd the thread starter when I have moved a thread, that was with good reason. To be honest I don't think a PM is neccesary in some of these cases, alot of threads on this forum are rediculous!
PM function and emails are for nonsense posts...

Just my thoughts!

The forum is a window into SDU...
Title: Revision of Procedures
Post by: GaLRaCa on February 25, 2004, 07:41:15 AM
I totally agree. People very easily sit behind their monitors and talk bull****, yet if you saw half these people outside their homes they would possibly be very subdued (But thats another topic).  

I think the biggest problem is retaliation.  Alot of people cannot take critisism and so when a thread is removed and the moderator has followed the procedure and sent a PM to the people concerned or whatever, that should be the end of it..but it isnt, you guys get another reply to your inbox saying what a bastard you are and then you should be reported straight away and you should learn to ignore the critisism. :)

Cops have to learn to control themselves as well and im sure half of them would love to snipe back or whatever, but they are taught to control themselves and I guess it works in a similar situation on here, people egg you on and you retaliate, we all need to learn to be a little more laid back.

I had a problem with retaliation when there were a certain couple of people in the club, but now they are gone I am lot more laid back and take everything with a grain of salt :D

Just my 2 cents

Debster  ;)
Title: Revision of Procedures
Post by: Anguss on February 25, 2004, 08:44:40 AM
I've never snooped to that level where I retaliate, at the end of the day if they aren't showing respect in regards to the decisions I am making then that's fine, aslong as they don't expect respect back!
It is very easy for people to get caught up in crap through the computer, that's a strong reason why I personally (just me) think the off-topic section is crap!
Wether it's left or not doesn't bother me, I just think it makes the forum look untidy...
Title: Revision of Procedures
Post by: Rocky on February 25, 2004, 07:37:04 PM
I agree with you debs,
I have sent pm's, and have got some sh1tty replys back.. but i always ignore them. its just not cool.
Guss, i know what you mean about the off topic forum. I make sure the threads that are on there are of good nature. And we have full power in there. Easy to clean up that forum.
Title: Revision of Procedures
Post by: forsaken on February 27, 2004, 02:48:35 PM
sounds plausable