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Title: Nissan Cefiro Circuit Diagram. Need Help!!!
Post by: Bloodfire on April 21, 2005, 08:44:52 PM
I'm trying to install Alarm system into my car. The circuit in my car looks complicate and need a circuit diagram for it. The people here don't dare to install it as they have no experience in my car model. And seems like i have to do it myself.

About my car:

Make: Nissan
Model: Cefiro 2.0 1995
Engine Type: RB20DE series.

The car already have central locking.

The car alarm:
Brand: Space
- Random Code ( Learning Code / Delete Code )
- 3 Button Transmitter
- Shock Sensor ( Shock Record )
- Open Door Warning ( Warning For Door Unclosed Well )
- Central Lock System Automatically
- Car Finding
- Panic ( High Sensitivity )
- Engine Cut Off
- Roadside Park Warning
- Anti-Fault Trigger ( Trigger Mode ID Function )
- Auto - Arm Function Option ( Arm Warning / Arm / Rearm )
- Blue Led Display
- 2 Remote Controllers ( Remote Control Flash Lights ON/OFF )

I just need a circuit diagram for the type of my car. Those, who has the same car type as mine and has installed an alarm system into it by himself or has knowledge. I really need you help. Kindly email me to