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Title: Changes To Forums
Post by: R33_400R on March 24, 2010, 06:58:46 PM
SDU admin are implementing changes on the forums.

This will involve the For Sale: Private Section being split into 3 areas the 1st being "For Sale Private Car Parts" the 2nd being "For Sale Private Vehicles" and the 3rd being "For Sale Private Other"

We are going to begin moderating this section more. This is due to posts just containing links to trademe auctions.

Everyone will be allowed to post on the all sections at this stage, though it has yet to be decided wether this will stay this way or only club members will be allowed to post.

Users are still allowed to post links to trademe auctions, but full details will be required in the post. Item description/details, contact details, and price or current asking price and pics if possible.

Also once a item is sold please delete your threads to keep it nice and tidy, Threads older than 6 months will be removed unless bumped, and do not bump if it is still on the 1st page.

These changes are being implemented now and failure to follow the simple rules may result in you being issued with a infraction or having you account suspended for a few days.

Here are a small example of the infractions

Spammed Advertisements, 1 point, never expires
Insulted Other Member(s), 1 point, 6 months
Signature Rule Violation, 1 point, 14 Days
Inappropriate Language, 1 point, 1 month
Fail To Follow "For Sale" Rules, 1 point, 14 days
Selling In The Wrong Section, 1 point, 14 days

points will drop off according to the times listed.

If you collect 5 points at any one time you will have your account suspended for a period fitting to why you got the points. min time period is 3 days.

If you have any questions or issues in regards to the forum please PM me and i will be happy to answer them

Thanks from all the SDU Staff