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Title: Sponsors and non sponsors
Post by: Harley on December 22, 2011, 12:08:59 PM
In light of the STM Nistune debate, do we need to set some rules about businesses that are advertising in a big way but are not our sponsors?

I Agree with Aaron, our true sponsors support us well and take the time to try and help with deals and giveaways, The likes of STM come in advertising but give us nothing for it.

In my opinion our forums are not a place open for businesses to research and advertise without consent.
Title: Sponsors and non sponsors
Post by: Stalk3r on December 22, 2011, 12:19:49 PM
the simplicity of it is, theres a business section down the bottom for non sponsors, and even they have to approach and ask first, the fact that theyve just blatantly made a profile to advertise, some some would argue the content of the posts isnt direct advertising, but every time they click submit it is, look at his signature, his profil pic, his profile username, its marketing 101

the premise of them being a sponsor is good, but the caveat is they emailed LAST NIGHT asking whether they can become a sponsor, its literally ask forgiveness not permission, and its bull****, they emailed rach about it, which tells me they dont care enough about the community to even knw the right person to email, so its further cementing my view theyre only emailing because they got called on it (i mean no offence by that coment rach, i was more getting at the fact they emailed you because youre the mod/admin in that section when really they should have emailed tony)
Title: Sponsors and non sponsors
Post by: Skyla on December 22, 2011, 10:13:10 PM
Right I finally get to sit down long enough to write something.
After reading the story, In my opinion the whole thing has been blown out of proportion, Sure Chris made himself and the business he was working for very well known, and it was pretty clear he was doing a little market research, he didn't hide that.
All was quiet and pretty much forgotten until crunchy popped up (Another well known and respected business man with in the performance industry) and announced STM was now dealing with Nistune.  It's pretty obvious that Steve has an axe to grind with STM and is just fueling the fire so to speak, he knew that bringing the subject back up would stir things up gain and with the predictable nature of forum members they jumped on the band wagon and here we are now, discussing the issue in the mods section.

So STM contacted me last night in regards to sponsorship enquires, whats so wrong with that? Remember that SDU doesn't actively advertise all the positions within the committee (Only financial members would currently know who does what within the club) so how would outsiders know who does what? I can understand them contacting the secretary for enquires, to which I responded and directed them the our sponsor liaison.
(Which reminds me I must update the above details) :o

Personally I don't have anything against STM and if they can help and offer financial members discounts it can't be that bad. So if they want to sponsor SDU I think we should seriously consider it.
Title: Sponsors and non sponsors
Post by: Stalk3r on December 22, 2011, 11:26:10 PM
i couldnt care less about crunchys side of the argument i have a great deal of respect for him, and some of his points i agree with and am party to his opinion of but im not part of his argument, i feel strongly for the members and sponsors around here even if im not official exec etc (i have no idea of my position but im going to go with the lowest common denominator and just say moderator) we're a tight knit family and we dont pay money to join a club and be part of that family to have random ad's pushed at us every time someone posts, so if im being included in his (crunchys) bit i need to try and quench that, my issue with stm is he's been here for months clearly using his profile as advertising for stm without asking first, and only now after being called on it are they emailing, the ask forgiveness not permission approach doesnt fly with me, but whatever not my call

i dont have an issue with WHO they contacted, i was just using it as an example as i would have thought tony would be the first port of call, i get the impression the only reason you got emailed was because you were the first "higher up"email they could get their hands on when they realised they were gunna have to do something, which tells me if they hadnt been called on it it would have continued, and i think the fact that youre the secretary so would logically be the first port of call is more good luck than good management, obviously thats speculation and i cant prove it, but the way theyve handled themselves around here doesnt do anything to disprove it or give them any credibility in my eyes

if this is ok why have sponsors in the first place, just open it up to all businesses to come in and have a go, use us for their market research and litter the forums with their blatant advertising without sking first

as i said to tony on the phone earlier today, the simplicity of it is they could very well be a good sponsor and a good asset to have to wellington, my issue is with the ethics of how theyre dealing with it and approaching it in the first place

sorry if all that seems fragmented and unreadable i just dumped errything out then went back and faux editted on the fly, if anything doesnt make sense ask and ill clarifiy

at the end of the day its not my call, but im not just going to let it idly go by when all of this is happening under the noses of people and not have it noticed