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Title: Speedo Reading double
Post by: Chrismx5 on March 31, 2016, 02:09:43 PM
Hi all,
Before I get flamed, I have searched and have found many conflicting answers, hence the new thread.

I have a series 2 Boat, I mean R33.
It was originally Auto, the previous owner (or one of) had converted it to Manual, and since I have had it have just been tidying things up, things like the backyard exhaust, fixing the tacho, fixing the fuel sender, and generally tidying it up.

When I purchased the speedboat (okay, launch) the speedo didn't work, simply because it wasn't hooked up. I have hooked it up, put in a manual cluster, and swapped the original Auto ECU out for a Manual ECU.

The speedo is still reading double?!

Has anyone else experienced this, and has anyone found a relatively cheap way of fixing this? (preferably without disconnecting it!)