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Hey all, finally have the car at the point where its about time for lvv cert. I just thought I'd put it out there and ask if you had any issues with a particular modification, or if you were failed on something or had to change something on the car to pass? Just looking for things that haven't crossed my mind as of yet, example; a mate of mine had to secure his battery power cable to the floor of the car.?

I am just hoping to avoid a giant list of work to do on the car after having it inspected. Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

Certifier I'll be using is Don Hoff in chch.

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / My RB30DET money pit
« on: August 06, 2016, 08:37:37 PM »
Hey everybody, it actually turns out I already had a login for this website back in 2009, but never really used it then. But now the cars nearing completion and thought I'd re introduce myself. So, My names James, and the car is a 1990 2dr R32 GTS. Well that's how it started life haha. I've owned the car for about 8 years now, and it's been a real learning curve, as all the money has come from my pocket, and all the work I can, has been done by myself and some good mates.

I have built the car to just be a road legal track toy, something I can do pursuit sprints, drags and drifting, or just take it on a road trip with mates...

So, the car specs currently go something like this.

Engine: RB30DET (RB30E Block, 25DE Head)
Standard Crank with collar
CP Pistons +1mm
Eagle Rods
Race Bearings
Car aid billet oil pump gearset
Big sump etc
Borg Warner Turbo
Twin 38mm Tials
Port and polish with ground cams and upgraded springs
4"-3.5" exhaust

Makes enough grunt to put the sh*ts up me lol

25t Big Box, Quatermaster twin plate clutch, billet flywheel.
Standard VLSD

Bunch of Hardrace arms, 324mm front brakes and D2 coilovers
Enkei RPF1 with some sticky tyres

Appearance wise the car looks rubbish lol, but some GTR parts and a paint and panel should have it looking tidy enough to keep me happy.
Working my way towards LVV cert at the moment. Cant wait to have it road legal so I don't have to tow it everytime I go to ruapuna :)

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / Hi all
« on: June 24, 2009, 07:16:04 PM »
Hey there im james, i live in chch new zealand and i drive a 1990 R32 Coupe.

I bought the car about just over 2 years ago and has been off the road about 90% of that time lol.
It started as a 5 stud conversion as it was just a non turbo auto. :(
That got the ball rolling and now its about 85% through a fully forged RB30DET build. Lots of custom bits and many many hours spent and am saving hard for a Link G4 ecu to make it go mental.

My goal is 600hp at the wheels but anything over the 5hundy mark will make me squeal like a *** haha.

Feel free to ask any questions and will figure out how to post pictures soon.

. I . N . S . I . D . I . O . U . S .


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