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Off-Topic / RB26DETT flywheel?
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:21:41 PM »
Hey guys
A customer purchased this flywheel from fortyone automotive a while back, it's labelled as for a VG30DETT (250mm) however when I opened the box it is clear it isn't for a VG30DETT at all.

The big clue is the six bolts for the crank, it is suitable for a 250mm disk and the pressure plate holes line up for the Nissan type pressure plates, the ring gear outer diameter is approx 307mm

Can anyone confirm what it is for?

I will send Jun an email and see if they can trace the number on the back and relate it to anything but not holding my breath LOL!


Off-Topic / Ray Mullany
« on: June 01, 2012, 06:38:56 PM »
A few years ago the performance car community was unfortunate enough to suffer the presence of this chap Ray - he used a couple of other names I understand.

I'm curious if anyone can confirm the whereabouts of him at present as there's a few interesting stories popping up that sound extremely familiar, a bit of quick detective work with google etc and guess what name popped up again!
Not sure if this is the same Ray or another with the exact same name, similar age, location and activities.

The name pops up here from way back in 2004, he did a little jail time after then but it's possible he hasn't learnt?  slightly different tactics this time but still pissing people off all the same.

So if anyone knows for certain where this dodgy Ray is I'd like to know so I can confirm if it is the same Ray I think it might be.

Club Events / Nizfest goes on the Cannonball run!
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:57:26 AM »
Hey guys

Great news for anyone that went to Nizfest and was thinking about hitting the Cannonball run

Nizfest has got it's hands on some tickets to show some thanks for coming along this year, here's the deal:

$65 per ticket!   yip that's around half the price of the standard $125 ticket!!

$15 of this will go directly to Hospice & each ticket is for a car, you can load the car up with as many mates as you can legally carry at no extra cost! :D

We intend to run as "Team Nizfest" not getting too carried away with it, just a couple of stickers on the cars and will look at parking up a couple of times & attempt to travel convoy styles (not that that'll work well on the day LOL!)

Check out the website here:
If you're keen then bank $65 to here:  
Westpac acc 03 -1557 -0452260 - 000    use your name as a reference number, then email with your contact details (if you didn't use your name for ref please advise what you did use).

When your funds clear we will be in touch with the entry forms etc :D

This should be an awesome event and great fun on the day, with $15 going to Hospice it could be counted as your first good deed for the new year :laugh:

This is open to ALL those who have attended Nizfest or are fans on the Facebook page.

Off-Topic / Help with a ph numbers (prank calls)
« on: June 23, 2011, 06:03:02 PM »
Hi Guys

Just out of interest does any one recognise either of these two numbers?

022 0930253
022 1320054

They belong to a mentally ill person who likes to stay up all night and make calls to landlines but doesn't have the balls to talk to anyone (must need help but is afraid to admit it).
If you are having trouble with these numbers or have any information regarding them then fire me a PM please, we are taking action to put a stop to this and if others are being harassed also I should be able to help out.


Club Events / Nizfest 2011
« on: April 01, 2011, 06:42:14 PM »
Date and location set for Nizfest 2011

Hampton Downs

5th November

Will post more info as it comes, slight changes in format etc to make improvements but similar costs and prizes, activities etc.
All accommodation at Hampton Downs is reserved for Nizfest, all you need to do is ring them and say your coming to Nizfest and book n pay etc :)

This year we are using an online ticketing system to simplify entires for ALL attending, even spectators.  Will still be cash on the day entries if there is space.

Check facebook etc for updates and watch here  :D

Once again thanks to all those who made it last time, we promise to make it better this and every time  8)

Tickets available here:

Full day track sessions $135 and includes FREE: G Force magazine back issue, One bottle of Mothers 473ml cleaner wax, 3 mth subscription to Juiced magazine, go in the draw to win a $1000 Exedy clutch voucher!!

Half day session (limited to twelve spots at least four gone already) $85

Dodsons gymkhana sessions $35

Show n shine $20

General admission $10

Also up for grabs on the day $1000 worth of Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1 tyres!  get practising changing wheels!

Club Events / Nissan/Datsun nationals Nov 2010
« on: April 27, 2010, 08:01:18 AM »
Hi guys n gals

Last year the New Zealand 300zx owners club & GTR Elite had an event to celebrate 20years of the Z32 & R32.
One of the key players at Nissan liked the concept & is keen to see it happen again but on a broader scale.

Hampton Downs race park is booked for 20th November 2010 (Sat)
Cost will be $90 per car & will be limited numbers

Sunday we are drag race event at Meremere with a shown n shine etc.

We want this event to be HUGE with magazine coverage, TV coverage, prizes from all over the world etc.

If you are keen to attend please post below
This is the type of event that should drag out the best Nissan & Datsun cars in the country - not to be missed!

Webpage is up and running, entries are coming in fast & advertising is about to kick off with magazine & newspaper coverage.

Don't leave registration too late or you might miss out.


Track entry information:

Please pay $90 to Westpac account  03 1557 0452260 - 000

Then email & provide the following information:
Make of car (Nissan or Datsun ONLY or powered by)
rego number
cell ph number

Let us know if you would like an afternoon or morning session.

If you do not email us with the above information we may not be able to trace where the money has come from, it may then be declared a donation to Hospice & St Johns - you do not want that if you want to go on the track

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