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Auckland and North / Flatmate Wanted: 1 Bedroom in Greenlane, William Ave
« on: September 22, 2011, 11:39:16 AM »

Place is 5 bedrooms, 3 of us work together, and we just had one flatmate move in last night so we are after someone with similar interests to us (cars, fishing, rugby, league, bbq, beers jamming, hanging, laxing blah blah).

Location:             Greenlane
                        Auckland City

Available:            16/09/2011

Description:    5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms.

Are you looking for a house that is out of the way but still close to Auckland City? Then this could be the place for you!

Situated on Great South Road with remote street access is our beautiful mid-20th century villa. Boasting a 2.4 acre section our villa is down a R.O.W leading to plenty of private parking on our newly surfaced parking area with plenty of parking for your car.

Our villa is comprised of three large bedrooms and two smaller bedrooms which are still large enough for a queen bed and personal furnishings, and one of these two smaller bedrooms require filling. All 5 bedrooms have phone jacks.

Both bathrooms have just been fully renovated with all new toilets, shower and vanity.

Our garden is protected by a number of large trees and is undergoing a transformation with all new grass being laid, new plants and scrub, a new wooden fence with gate and a new concrete staircase leading down to the main garden area.

We are after a flatmate for our last room. Must be friendly and tidy and enjoy having barbeques, beers and watching the game!

We are three young guys (one a bit older) who all work together at a local car dealership and enjoy tinkering with cars. We all have similar interests and get on with each other so we would be looking for people who we can all get along with and have a laugh with. Our newest flatmate is Dani. She has been in Europe for the last 5 years but is back in NZ now working at a local school. She also enjoys watching the rugby with a few beers.

Our house now has furniture in it and it's really looking like a home. I will be taking photos of it today an re-uploading photos of our house.

So, if you would like to come have a look give Brett a bell on 0212563969 any time.

Smokers OK, no pets

Furnishings:    House is fully furnished; however, you will need to bring furnishing*s for your own bedroom.

In the area:    Bus stops litter Great South Road with Ellerslie and Greenlane train stations in walking distance.

Parking:            Plenty of off and on street parking available.

flatmates:            4 existing flatmates. We are 3 working males working in the automotive industry with in walking distance from our house.

Ideal flatmate:    Full-time employed male or female 21-29 who is relaxed and not a hermit.

General Performance / walbro 500hp fuel pump
« on: September 09, 2011, 12:19:01 PM »
do i need to set up an aftermarket fuel pres reg if i install my walbro 500hp fuel pump or do anything else for that matter?

Suspension, Steering, Braking, Wheels & Tyres / what is a diff 'shim'
« on: September 08, 2011, 08:57:02 AM »
i know nothing about rear diff. could someone be so kind as to explain for me please?

How To's | Tutorials | D.I.Y / RB20 Rocker cover gaskets
« on: September 08, 2011, 08:46:09 AM »
i took a few pics of me doing my rocker cover gaskets last weekend. would anyone wanna do a write up (tutorial / how to) for it?

i can understand it would be an "easy" task for some people but for those of us (me) who are not so technically minded, i think it would be a nice guide for someone who may be looking to do this sort of thing.

anyone interested??

Don't know if anyone has made a quick guide for posting photos on SDU forums from Photobucket but I thought I would quickly make one anyway so us new guys / girls can post photos with our introduction.

First guide for me so go easy

Step 1: Open your browser and in your address bar type

This window will appear and if you do not have an account you will need to quickly make one. If you have one, sign in.

Step 2: Click on the green ''Upload now" button

On the left hand side of the page there is an "Upload from" text with the drop down menu next to it. You need to select the area you wish to upload your photos from (most of the time it will be from My Computer).

Step 3:
Click on the big green button in the middle of the page "Select photos and videos"

A new window will pop up for you to select your photos from. Search for your photo/s (you can upload more than one photo at a time), select them and click "Open"

Your photo/s will begin to upload to Photobucket and the screen will look like this while this is happening

Once the photo or all the photos have finished uploading you will see this screen

You can view the photo/s by clicking on the "View album" button or you can continue to upload more by clicking on the "Upload more"button

Step 4:
If you are going to post photos in the form of a reply to a post you need to click the "Go advanced" button underneath the quick reply window... get to this screen below
NB: If you are creating a thread this window will come up automatically

Once you're in this screen you need click on the picture button. This is the little yellow square with the mountain and the sun in it, underneath the undo / back arrow button. This will bring up the URL box shown below

This box is only for pasting URL links to photos [on the internet]
To find the URL a.k.a the direct link for your photo on Photobucket, let your mouse hover over the photo you wish to link and a drop down menu will appear, shown below

Left click next to the "Direct link" text on the web address and the box will temporarily change it's text to "Copied"
Paste (Ctrl+v) this URL into the URL box on the SDU forums. Hit "Ok" and the next screen you see should look like this

When you have completed your post your images will show up on the thread (you can preview your post to check this)

I hope this helps anyone trying to upload photos from photobucket.

Any advise or constructive criticism about my thread or instructions will be appreciated, cheers

Suspension, Steering, Braking, Wheels & Tyres / suspension question
« on: September 02, 2011, 03:40:02 PM »
opinions wanted please - i started this thread on the wrong forum and BADHAB|T suggested i join up here so i though I would copy the important bits from my initial thread and see what you guys think? any help, tips or advise is truly appreciated, cheers!

CUT AND PASTE (from skyline owners forum - my thread)

"is there any point have aftermarket arms (camber/toe/caster arms) as well as adjustable suspension or am i wasting my time?

looking at getting to a track day soon and want to do the minimum mods as to not look like a complete retard.

lock diff on the way and hicas lock bar

car is r32 4dr gtst motor w/lsd currently. minimal engine mods"

reply from BADHAB|T

"It depends how much you lower it to how much benefit you will get from adjustable arms etc.
They will help, but aren't necessary - unless you go stupid low. There are other things you can do to improve handling, front and rear strut braces are a good starting point!
But as you said 'minimum mods', I wouldn't bother with aftermarket arms etc till you're ready to go down that path
My 32 is on Teins, it's not that low (more practical for Auckland roads) but it handles really well for whats been done in the handling's surprised a few passengers who aren't used to sports orientated cars too haha..."

my reply

"...well the think is i'm not interested in going low. but if i need to go low/er to improve handling then i would be happy to oblige. my car is currently on super lows and it actually is quite a nice height i feel..."

reply from BADHAB|T

"...But coilovers will give much better handling than just super lows.
Oh, even at the height it's at.... I have almost zero camber wear (I could go lower, but it's practical where it is)"

my reply

"...yeah i don't want to sack my car out so stupidly that i wear the tyres out i just want some decent handling..."

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / Hey from auckland!
« on: September 02, 2011, 11:10:19 AM »
Hey guys, girls,

I'm Brett, I'm a 20yo import (been here 16 odd years now) and I just picked up my first ever RB last week - it's also my first turbo manual RWD and it's pretty darn cool i recon :)

I currently reside in Albany but I'm moving to Greenlane in two weeks into a beautiful big old villa on Great South Road. It also happens to be 20 seconds from work by car (timed it yesterday).

I work with-in the Winger group for Winger Hyundai as a parts consultant and I love my job. I've been with the brand nearly two years and with Winger for one year.

My car is a 1990 Skyline GTS (factory manual) with a GTS-t (Mspec) motor with 140,000km and a 20det box. My Skyline has minimal modifications and I think it is a good starting platform.

Mods: FMCI (2.5"), t25/25t (however you say it) turbo (from 25det i believe), 2.5" straight through exhaust from turbo back, catch can set-up, pod filter and a big *** front strut brace. Standard 4 stud set-up sitting on 17" gun metal TSW's on super lows.

I want to get my car to a track day sometime soon as I want to get into drifting and that was one of the reasons for my purchase.

I have been reading this forum for a few days solid now and you all seem like a really decent bunch of people who I would be keen to meet with and have a beer of two. I'm also interested in coming to regular meets and going on cruises.

No doubt I'll be asking for tips, tricks and help and it will be a pleasure to hear from you guys, cheers!

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