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General Performance / Re: C33 Tacho Issue
« on: February 02, 2016, 10:31:27 PM »
Worth a check that any wires haven't slipped a bit out of the plug

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Well it was a fuse all along. But it was a fuse in the boot.
Only after a few minutes of fiddling with the battery I saw the fuse box!!
Replaced the fuse and everything is good (was the fuse labelled main)

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Fuses are all good, under bonnet as well. No shorts that I can see. Fried ecu??

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I have an 1993 r33 rb25de manual non abs, non hicas.
I've recently installed a radio and decided to turn it on without insulating a few wires. Turned the car on to move it. A little bit of smoke from where it connects to the radio and the car stalled.

Now I've got no dash lights, no starter motor. Checked the fuses and there is no power to any of the ignition or starter fuses. What could this be???


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