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Off-Topic / What the hell is going on with this forum?
« on: December 15, 2014, 06:26:05 PM »
Spam everywhere on the this forum at the moment.

Auckland and North / All Performance Mayhem Cruise
« on: October 07, 2014, 08:54:34 PM »
Me and my mate are putting a cruise together

Sunday 30th of November

Everyone is welcome to come along

Hi all,

Thanks for showing an interested in coming.

We all be meeting at Manukau(meeting place to be added) from 10.30am leaving time at 11am.

We will heading from Manukau down to Papakura to where we be turning on to Pakakura-Clevedon Road to where we will stopping.

We will stopping at Omana Beach Road, Where we will be parking up, Have some lunch, Take photos, Talk crap, Kick a ball around.

At some point we will head off to Eastern Beach for other park up, photos ect before heading off and all going home.

Anyone is welcome to come along, Bring the family if need be, Bring your own lunch but we will be stopping somewhere to buy fish and chips.

This is family friendly event.

Welcome to bring your mates.

Anyone is welcome and any car is welcome.

More to be added before the date.


Stolen Cars / Stolen R33 GTR- Christchurch
« on: July 07, 2014, 11:18:42 AM »
1996 Nissan Skyline GTR, registration ELM608

Other car jacking

Warren Garthwaite, 54, left his partner and keys in his pride and joy - a 1996 Nissan Skyline G-TR, registration ELM608 - while he went into Countdown Northwood.

She thought he had forgotten his wallet when the driver's side door opened about a minute later.

Instead, a man who had disguised his face with a blue bandanna hopped in and sat down.

"He just told me to get the f... out of the car," the woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said.

"I thought he was just playing, but then after a few times he reached over and tried to open the door and get me out. I thought, s..., this is serious' and just got out and ran."

Auckland and North / Meet 25/05/2014 Sunday
« on: April 28, 2014, 07:57:45 PM »
It meet time people

25th of May 2014 Sunday

A meet/cruise to Long Bay then a run down to Devonport to Hauraki Gull Maritime Park

Few of us will be meeting at Manukau shopping centre near McDonalds around 1015am, Leaving at 1030ish to meet everyone else at Greenline

Meeting point starts at
Greenline Mcdornlds at 11am for those who want to cruise up to Long Bay, Leaving time is 1130am

Long Bay meet from 12pm onwards
We will park up all the cars, Bring your lunch with you, Will take photos

Some time in the afternoon, We will do cruise down to Devonport to Hauraki Gull Maritime Park where we park up for some talking, photos then home time from that point

If you want meet us at Manukau, Please say so
Welcome to bring along your partners, familys, mates.

Anyone is welcome to come along, Doesn't matter what kind of car you drive


Waikato / BOP / Tauranga Meet
« on: January 26, 2014, 06:23:46 PM »
Soooo it been long time since we had a meet and catch up,

Rach, Dave, Tony, You guys interested?

General Skyline Discussion / R33 GTS25T Coupe Value
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:54:36 PM »
So what you people value a S2 R33 RB25det auto coupe at? It standard but from mags, pod and bov, With 180,000kms, 500hp fuel pump and radiator was been re-done( what worry me little bit) Cambelt done.

Photos of the car

He want to swap me for my manual Legnum VR4 what is not standard, I'm thinking that Skyline is not worth a straight swap.

So what value would say the Skyline is?

Picture Post / Kaiaua Cruise Auckland Sunday 6th October Photos
« on: October 07, 2013, 02:55:21 PM »
Again thanks for the photo who did come along, Was a great day with awesome road.

The people

All the cars

Club Events / The Kaiaua Cruise Auckland Sunday 6th October
« on: August 08, 2013, 09:59:54 PM »
The CVR4/SDU Kaiaua Cruise

When Sunday 6th October 2013

Meet At Drury BP from 11:45am to leave at 12:30pm

To Kaiaua We will head down on the motorway SH1 to trun off to SH2 on to Mangatawiri Road on to Mangatang Road  on to Kaiaua Road to Kaiaua where we will stop for Fish and Chrips or we can go down Maranda Road to East Coast Road up to Kaiaua. Also we take photos of all the cars.

Back to Auckland We will head up East Coast Road back to Auckland to where the cruise will end at Bruce Pulman Park what is on Walters Road, Papakua for more photos, more talking.

Maps of the cruise

Please add your self to Facebook page has been set up and comment with favorite food or random food type if you like or might be delete.
No info will given over Facebook, Only been set up for idea on numbers but feel free to add your mates if they like to come.

Also add your name and your car to list down below.

I will post up my cell phone number closer to day if anyone need to contact me for any reason.

Thanks and I hope to see you there.

Polls / poll for kaiaua cruise
« on: July 26, 2013, 06:29:50 PM »
Please vote what date you would like for this cruise. All dates are for Sunday.

Poll will run for 3 weeks

Auckland and North / EOI: SDU/CVR4 meet/cruise
« on: July 18, 2013, 09:17:13 PM »
Anyone interested having meet/ cruise from Auckland to Kawakawa Bay to Kaiaua back to Auckland?

Date/where will need to be agree on. Posting up to see what interest this get

Have also open this to clubvr4, hope to get a good turn out

This was posted on the vr4 forums and thought the Stagea owners might like to read it and a say...

Quote from: Soren;751305
Spoiler alert, Legnum wins. Sorry guys, I haven't been active here, or on the site I mod for,, but I finally posted this there, and thought I would share here.  A touch of background, I've been a Subie fanboy for a while now.  In Canada, we live 15 years in the past, because of our import laws.. so we are currently waiting for fall 98 models to come out! :D  I had the following cars:
96 Nissan Stagea RS Four V, Automatic
96 Subaru Legacy GT-B, Standard
97 Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 Type S (Auto) and these are my jumbled thoughts about all three for those who would care haha!

Both the Legacy and Legnum utilize the same bulb, which are relatively inexpensive, however produce a good light amount, the bulbs in the Stagea are a much more expensive bulb, and the light pattern does not seem as useful/bright as the others, although it does spread nice. Foglights are integrated in the Stagea, which isn’t as nice or functional.
The Legnum seems to me to have the brightest, and most useful main lights, both for high-beam and low.  Foglights are a different story however, Subaru edges out the Mits because of the clever turn-lights. Both the Mits and Subaru seem about the same amount of brightness for fogs, but the Subaru turn-lights engage when the signal is turned on, and a shaft of light illuminates on the side of the signal engaged. This is a really great feature, and should be on more vehicles. On the highway, at night, there can be no mistaking the intentions of an overtaker.  Bright light shines on the left side of the road as the overtaking car signals and pulls out.  Very useful, and a nice safety feature.  The Stagea fogs are middling, just as the headlights, and being that they are integrated into the headlights, adjustment is not really as flexible.

No winner here, just a loser: Stagea.

   The Subaru utilizes a 2.0L 4 cylinder boxer engine, and sequential twin-turbo system. Revs up to 7500 rpm, and produces 280 hp.  The gearing is such that 0-60k/ph is dispatched very quickly in first gear. Sequential turbo setup gives you a primary turbo, which is fairly small, and really does not lag much, but also doesn’t give you that massive turbo “kick” that you would have in the WRX/STi models. The secondary turbo is a neat little trick though, the sacrifice is in the middle of the RPM range, when the pressure to the primary turbo begins to be diverted, and pressure pathing changes to utilize both turbos.  Once the lag begins to wane, and the second turbo kicks in, a nice power boost comes on all the way to redline. This complex system can mean a bit of learning and experience required to keep on the power. I’ve heard from some guys that the car really lacks balls, but these guys are also the guys that are afraid to go over 5000 or 6000 rpm.  This car just begs to be revved, and you must, if you want to stay in the power, or shift into the next gear without hitting the “dead zone” of turbo switchover.
Working on the Subaru engine bay is pretty easy, and it looks exactly like what you’d find in the Impreza WRX variants, the parts are easy to get, and the only difficulty you will have is in finding parts for  the sequential turbo system, as it was never offered in North America or Europe.  Issues I’ve faced with my Legacy GT-B in 25,000 km are coilpacks, which are a direct replacement for the 05 WRX/STi ones, with no “Coilpack Conversion” antics required, and as per the previous 94 Legacy RS Twin Turbo sedan I had, the oil pickup line from the secondary turbo cracked, and had to be replaced.  This is not a difficult job.  MAF and leaky valve covers could be expected to be an issue, as they are an issue on most early Subarus over time.
   The Mitsubishi is a 2.5 L 6 cylinder vee engine with a twin turbo, redline at 7000 rpm, and produces 260hp. I’ve really only had limited experience with this engine, and suspect that reliability could be an issue, as could working on it, it fills the engine bay up pretty good.
Nissan’s Stagea is the RB25DET, 2.5L inline 6 cylinder engine producing 235hp. Redline is at 7000 rpm. This engine is taken from the skyline GTS-T, but is detuned here, and running only around 7 pounds of boost.

These three engines all feel somewhat different.  I’d suspect that the Stagea has the most potential here, and is likely the easiest to get hp out of.  I’d read that a simple 20.00 boost controller will take you up to the levels of an R33 Skyline power quite effectively, and we’ve all heard the stories of the tenability of the RB engines.  It feels beefy and under used when you drive it.  The Subaru feels hungry, like it’s giving you everything, and it feels very tight, scrappy.  You are driving Mickey Ward here, I don’t really know how much potential you’ve got here, but it feels quite capable.  Same story with the Mits, it is very smooth overall, and the low down torque is quite nice.

Potential – Stagea
Out of the box - Legnum

Not a tonne to comment on the suspension, the Stagea RS Four, and the Legnum VR-4 both come with a strut brace, if you are into that type of thing haha!  The Stagea is the softest, and more a highway cruise feeling ride in a straight line.  The Legnum is inbetween, softer than the Subie, but not as bleh as the Stagea.  The Legacy is very tight, nice and firm, without being uncomfortable.  All of these cars are bigger, and so cornering feels a little like riding a whale, the Nissan, of course is most like this.  The Subaru is least floppy

Winner – Legacy

Interior gauges

The Mitsubishi Legnum has very sharp looking gauges and needles, AYC lights up in various levels of use, the gears are displayed as the automatic shifts through them (or you do in tiptronic mode) and overall looks very crisp.  Nissan and Subaru are both fairly  standard looking, and unexiting, but functional, a nice feature of note on the Subaru is the diagram of the vehicle, showing which doors are open (and hatch).

Winner - Legnum


All three of these cars have some cool tricks.  The Subaru as mentioned already has the boss turning or ditch lights, and some really nice fogs, it also has a cigarette lighter in the back hatch area, heated or defrosting mirrors, and wipers.  
The Legnum has Traction Control that you can turn off if desired (yes, desired in the winter for sliding :D), a Sunglass holder in the console, heated wiper (Greg’s does at least!)  Legnum has the Active Yaw Control also, which is really cool, effectively putting more power to the outside wheels in a corner.. neat bit of kit!  The Automatic in the Legnum really is good too, and tiptronic if you feel the need to shift!
Stagea has some brilliant rear seats that are reclinable, and the seats fold 60/40 with the pull of a lever. Rear hatch cigarette lighter, and the rear hatch auto closes (once the door is close to being closed)  Stagea hood stays open using gas filled struts, the other two cars use an arm that you put in place.

Winner: Tough to call.

Club Events / Dyno Day
« on: April 19, 2013, 07:46:29 PM »
Hey sdu peeps..

Is there going be dyno day this year?


Waikato / BOP / Meet/Cruise Tauranga 20th April
« on: February 24, 2013, 05:32:56 PM »
It time for a other meet.

Meet/Cruise to Flip 'N' Bear Pancake House on Saturday 20th Apirl

Meet at Memorial Park around 11-1130am to head off to Flip ' N' Bear Pancake House around 1145-12pm to get here around 1245pm ish.

Flip 'N' Bear Pancake House have moved from the Athenree Gorge and now at 123 Emerton Road Waihi Beach(Next to airfield)

Atfer having lunch/feed, will head up to top of the hill in Bowentown for a photo shoot.

Anyone is more then welcome to come along and join, Doesn't matter what kind of car you drive or own, have put this up on few other car forms so hope will be a good trun out

So who will be keen? Let me know as I will want to make a booking at Pancake House.


General Skyline Discussion / skyline price
« on: February 07, 2013, 11:51:51 AM »
So i might have sold my car i got at the moment and thinking of getting other skyline again :-)

It a 92 r32 skyline couple black. manual rb20de. with lsd in it, still on factory wheels, done about 230,000kms. looking very tidy and clean.

What would you guys think it be worth? Guy is hoping around $4000 but was thinking more $3000 to $3500. Can't view it as car is in Auckland and I'm in Taruanga.

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