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Author Topic: Making speaker boxes HELP! (size)  (Read 4980 times)

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Making speaker boxes HELP! (size)
« Reply #15 on: July 27, 2001, 11:58:30 PM »
Ta InfinityR32, These Aussies can get nasty!
 Have a bit of a look in the next box of 7x10s you see and tell me what size box the factory recomend you install them into, or even if they supply the T/Smalls for them.....Not likely.
 Yes you can damage the speakers if they are in too small an enclosure, (Or limit their life span) The suspension will be too soft to handle the small bass reflex enclosure they are in, and the air presure in the box will alter the sound of the speaker.
 Yes, I like to think I know a little about audio, As I do this for a crust, and have done for a few years now.
 Sorry I am not that familar with the R31 shape Skyline (Don't get many of them in N.Z, Unlike the R32's!) So I do apoligise for the lack of knowledge on the size of the rear tray.:splat:
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speaker boxes
« Reply #16 on: July 28, 2001, 03:24:50 AM »
My apologies to you too. It seems you know a wee bit about this audio thing. I am just going on what I have heard and seen done. My friend has 7*10's in boxes, (not as small as you may think) in the back of a station wagon, and they put any 6*9 or 7*10 speaker i have heard to shame. That's my point, and i understand if the box aint the right size you can dmage the speaker.

Also, to try and illustrate my point, take a freeair subwoofer. If you put it in a parcel shelf made of mdf and use the boot as the box, then compare with the same sub in a ported box, the boxed one kicks it ass! Same for the speakers me thinks :)


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Making speaker boxes HELP! (size)
« Reply #17 on: July 30, 2001, 08:12:45 PM »
Yeah i've heard of Sub Boy too and agree with him. Hmm he's won a lot more sound-offs than the lot of us put together :)