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Author Topic: Stereo. Wire colourings? How to install deck. HELP  (Read 643 times)


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Stereo. Wire colourings? How to install deck. HELP
« on: June 09, 2001, 10:10:44 PM »
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(4/13/01 12:28:56 am)
Reply  Stereo. Wire colourings? How to install deck. HELP
 Have been trying to figure out the wiring thats standard on a R33, removed a pioneer deck that came with my skyline. Was on its last leg. Installed a new deck, but just cant seem to folow the wiring thats there. Cant seem to get power. There seems to be two wiring looms, im guessing from the original tape deck and cd player.

Theres a RED wire with Silver striping, split two ways, im assuming this is igniton power when key is turned.

Theres a thicker YELLOW wire, im assuming its the constant power one thats always connected to the battery.

Am i getting these two wires right, i installed a deck which worked only in this setup, but it still didnt hold its memory, so im alittle confused.

And finally a week ago i heard a fuse pop, my radio died, clock went out, checked all fuses in car, and the clock one had blew, replaced it and the clocks fine, but the decks totally dead, it was a fairly big pop, im assuming ive lightly fried the deck, Would i be right??????

Please help....
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(4/13/01 11:24:03 am)
Reply  Re: Stereo. Wire colourings? How to install deck. HELP
 The factory plugs are the same, doesn't matter if its a Maxima, Bluebird, Skyline or whatever, so I could tell you what *location* does what, but they have different coloured wires on different models, you can plug a radio from a 83 Bluebird into an 95 Skyline and it will work perfectly, ans visa versa, but the wires in both cars are a slightly different colour code. But it sounds like the plugs been chopped off, so thats no help...

On an R32, blue is ign, yellow is constant, and red/blue is high when lights on. That said, you shouldn't be trying to wire in an radio without a voltmeter, or at the very least a test light.

You may of just poped the internal fuse in the radio if it doesn't power up.

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(4/14/01 10:52:02 pm)
Reply  Re: Stereo. Wire colourings? How to install deck. HELP
 There's only one easy and quick way to find which wire is which. Have u got a multimeter?? if not, u'll at least need a test light...

Have the test light connected to the end of one of the wires. Turn on the accessories switch while the wire is still connected. The memory wire/clock/preset stations wire will keep the test light on ALL THE TIME. If the wire only turns on when u turn on the "accessories" key switch, then u'll need this wire! its ur accessory wire. OR "red" on the deck. The old test light theory is the only way to find the "constant power" wire. Probe every wire behind the dash till u find it.... U HAVE TO FIND IT!!  )

Let me know what happens