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Author Topic: ...Christchruch EOY BBQ Meet Ideas...  (Read 560 times)


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...Christchruch EOY BBQ Meet Ideas...
« on: October 30, 2002, 11:28:26 AM »
I'm tentativley organising an EOY BBQ meet for Sunday 17th of November.
Along the same lines as last year.
This is the weekend of show weekend. i know some people will be away, but you cant please everyone. Being on a long weekend, it also gives those people in other parts of the island the chance to come up/down etc. will be involved as well...
I'm thinking it could be a large, multi club affair... what other clubs do we want to involve? or is 2 enough?

i need to get some ideas asap... so i can organise some flyers and posters to put up around the place, i wanna have these up roughly 2 weeks b4 the event.

any further ideas will be greatly accepted