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Author Topic: 2002/2003 Night Drags Season  (Read 715 times)


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2002/2003 Night Drags Season
« on: November 28, 2002, 07:59:44 AM »
Hi everyone,

Just thought I would let you in on some info about the Night Wars and why they are a bit different this season.  They used to be every fortnight, however, this year they are trialing every week.  The even date weeks are competition Night Wars and the Odd date weeks are full on Grudge Racing.  Champion staff will be running the Even date events and on the odd date events, most car clubs have been given the opportunity to run one or two nights.  SDU has been offered dates, Friday December 13th and February 21st.  The benefits are that SDU supply about 13 workers for these two nights, helping out in scrutineering, the pits, the commentating etc and SDU will get 25% of the profit for the night.(That includes Gate entry and Racer entry's).  The nights will be like an SDU drags, however, all cars will be at the Night Drags like normal, but SDU will be running the show and will get a profit out of the night.  SDU is more than welcome to promote these drags how they feel fit, we can do posters, we can advertise on TV if need be...I would be keen on doing some posters (perhaps someone might like to offer to have a go at a Poster), giving them out to cars in carparks etc....

Because all Odd Night drags are being held by a lot of different car clubs, please try and support our two nights by bringing everyone you know, even if its to watch, the more money that comes through the gates and the racing, the more profit SDU will make for 2003 Events for you.  And remember, if you go along to say this Friday night Drags, you may be supporting the local Honda Club or Preludesdownunder  hehe  ;)

I have approximately 11 people helping out at the Night Drags on these two nights, if you are keen to help out, please email me, there will be a little something for those who help me out, first in, first served.  Support your club!  ;)