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Author Topic: SDU / Girl Speed / NZHondas Club Meet  (Read 812 times)


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SDU / Girl Speed / NZHondas Club Meet
« on: April 08, 2003, 09:15:29 AM »
SDU / Girl Speed / NZHondas  Club Meet 03
SDU, in association with Girl Speed and NZHondas are proud to present to you the first major interclub car meet in the history of the organisers!
Below is the majority of the detail, pay special attention to the
restrictions, as these could dictate whether or not youre interested in coming.

What: This is a 2 day meet, with the majority of "meet" time being on the Saturday, camping overnight, finishing sometime on Sunday.

Where: Kaitoke Regional Park, just north of Wellington, about 15 mins drive north of Upper Hutt.

When: ANZAC Weekend, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.

Why: This meet is an attempt to get the car enthusiast clubs of New Zealand closer, which in future, could be the difference in car laws being passed or not, among many other advantages.

Cost: $10 per head, IF you are camping, this cost will cover you for Saturday night camping, and will also include a security guard to watch over the vehicles, which we are sure no one will have a problem paying! The security will cover the hours of 11pm - 7am, which we consider to be sufficient.  Point to note: payment will have to be in advance.

Other information: Those interested can feel free to consume alcohol on the Saturday night, in an effort to ease the social aspect.  There will also be a BBQ on Saturday afternoon, BBQs are provided at the venue, but you will have to bring your own meat, salads etc, and of course some way to chill it, such as a chilli bin.

Restrictions:  After 10pm, there MUST be an overal noise reduction. This means that car stereos must be turned down.  There WILL be other campers in the area, so we must respect their wishes, as well as the wishes of those at the meet who want a decent nights sleep.  However, social activities can still continue into the night, at this lower volume.  Another important thing to realise, is that after it becomes dark, no cars can move.  This is a strict request from the Park Ranger, which we MUST adhere to.

Spectators:  People wishing to come along and marvel over the sight of many of NZ's top cars in one area, can do so at no charge.  However, only registered cars will be allowed into the restricted "show and shine" area, so spectators will have to find parking outside this area.  There are car parks all around the venue, so parking SHOULDNT be a problem if you just want to come and take a look.

Car limits: We will need to know such details as registration numbers of vehicles that will be attending, expected length of stay, how many passengers you will bring etc.  We will accept a maximum of 30 cars per club, up to a maximum of 90 cars for the venue.  The area we have booked will accommodate this amount, and sadly, thats all we can have.  It will be a matter of first in first serve, of course with the club representative from each club having the last say. So if your interested in having your car within the restricted area for either the day or to camp overnight please let your club rep know asap.

Camping on the Friday:  Of course there will be members of the clubs that wish to arrive in Wellington on the Friday afternoon/evening (being a public holiday:) ). There are allowances for camping this night, but the camping fee for Friday will have to be made OUTSIDE of the meet cost.  This means that if you wish to come on the Friday, and camp both nights, you will be expected to pay a little extra for the Friday night.  The camping fee for Friday wont be anymore than $5 per head.

Points to note:  There are NO showers at the venue.  This is the only downfall of the venue, but this definitely does not outweight the PROS of the venue.  So obviously, have a shower before you come.. Yes folks, you are camping, who needs a shower when youre camping?.. If worst comes to worst, you can pay the admission to the local swimming pool (15 mins drive south to Upper Hutt), and have a shower there..  Or if youre keen, there is a river nearby..

Close to town:  The venue is 15 mins drive north of Upper Hutt, where you can purchase BBQ food, alcohol, takeaways, petrol, and even put your car through a car wash if you so desire.

Any bad behaviour will not be tolerated and the consequences of such actions will be dealt with swiftly.  This venue is used by one of the organising clubs on a regular basis, and there is no way that we will tolerate anything that could risk that club being denied usage in the future.

So whoever is keen please let us know and feel free to contact your club rep with the apporiate details.:D :)


SDU Central
Regional Director
021 436637

Lower North Island Representative.

NZHondas Wellington
Regional Director


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« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2003, 12:28:46 PM »
The following directions were kindly supplied from Vent.
Awesome effort man. This weekends going to rock.:D

Hi :)

I spent a little bit of works time on these directions, so I hope they work ok for everyone, and you all arrive safely.

As you can see from the first map, there is a red line and a blue line.  I think most people will be coming by way of redline (cos your car goes faster at redline), but I will cover both routes.

The redline (State Highway 1, typically coming through Taupo or New Plymouth, through Bulls, just past Palmerston North, through Levin.  Keep following State Highway 1.. Stop off at Paraparaumu if you want, and take a pick of your favourite fast food, they are all there, Maccas, BK, Mobil service station food if thats your thing..  Keep heading south until you have to make a decision, which is at Paekakariki.  The Paekakariki hill turn off is on the left, and its a bit of a.. how can I say this....  "entertaining" drive....  If you do take the Paekakariki turn off, enjoy it, drive it safely.. At the end of Paekakariki hill road, you rejoin the main road, so all is well.  If you would rather not bring your lunch up again, carry on south along State Highway 1, until you come to a newly developed highway area.  This is your clue that the turn off is up ahead.  The area you are looking for is called Pauatahanui.  Just after the Pauatahanui sign post, you will see a brown over bridge.  Take the left hand turn after the over bridge (its usually
quite a busy intersection).   If you need another landmark, there is a hotel on the corner of the left hand turn..  Keep following this road, which if you care, is called Grays Road.  This is a nice drive around the inlet which brings you out on the same road as the Paekakariki hill road,

Once you have made it either around the inlet or over the hill, pass thru a very small township, and you will come to a large roundabout (a new one!).  Take a left, and head over the haywards hill.  Keep following, this brings you out onto State Highway 2, take a left onto the motorway, to head north.  This road will take you through the back of Upper Hutt, just keep following it, dont take any turn offs.  Most importantly, there is an entrance to the park VERY NEAR the Te Marua racetrack... DO NOT ENTER THE PARK HERE (refer to the 2nd image in this post.).  Keep driving north, and you will eventually arrive at the other
(REAL) entrance to Kaitoke Regional Park (Waterworks Road), where you should be greeted by one of Emmos excellently constructed signs pointing you in the right direction :)

The blue line (State Highway 2).  Im not sure why you would be on this road, unless maybe you were coming from Napier.. but anyways, follow it towards Wellington, thru the towns you can see on the map, Masterton, Carterton, Featherston etc, and come over the Rimutaka Hill.  Quite a nice drive, if you have a nice car :D...   Keep following, nice and easy, you will come to a right hand turn off into the Kaitoke Regional Park (Waterworks Road), which should be nicely signposted by one of Emmos excellently constructed signs..

The image below attempts to illustrate the importance of driving past the Te Marua turn off, if you are coming from the red line... keep going..  You will also see where the blue line meets the red line..exciting stuff eh?

The map below is what the inside of the park actually looks like..  The yellow circle is the area we have been allocated, and the redline is the path to follow to find the gate.  This will all be sign posted by Emmos excellently constructed signs.  If you get lost once youre actually in the park, you should be drinking and driving, cos youre a bloody idiot :D

If anyone has any probs finding us just give me a call.

021 436637


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SDU / Girl Speed / NZHondas Club Meet
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2003, 12:33:24 PM »
Dam, there are a heap of peeps comin along to this event to have a good time :) .

We're going to have the mecky setup. Tents, marques, carpet, couches, seats, lights, soundz.............. :D
It's not going to be like camping at all. :)

If anyone's keen to come along then please do so.

021 436637


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SDU / Girl Speed / NZHondas Club Meet
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2003, 02:55:06 PM »
The turnoff to Kaitoke Regional Park is about 3 - 4kms further on than the second map actually shows.  Use Twin Lakes (the two reserviors in the second map) to line this up.

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