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Author Topic: Neo straight 6 into R32GTSt  (Read 575 times)


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Neo straight 6 into R32GTSt
« on: June 10, 2001, 02:30:13 AM »
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(5/18/01 4:32:02 am)
Reply  Neo straight 6 into R32GTSt
 Anyone had a good look at this motor's arragement? (R34 RB25DET). From the top the cam cover looks different with all that (plastic?) but I am assuming its tha familiar RB25 underneath right?

I know nissan did some tuning to raise PS to 280, Bigger intercooler and stuff but are there any structural differences? Where I live people put the RB25 turbo into their R32 skyline easy swap, no prob, except for meybe paying more attention to control all that twist. Checking out the spec on the R34 motor reveals max tourqe @ 3200RPM, just like the wonderful RB20DET!

I guess what I am getting at is putting one from a crashed car into a GTSt. That would be pretty cool hybrid wouldn't it?  
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(5/18/01 9:19:25 am)
Reply  Re: Neo straight 6 into R32GTSt

i have a r32 gts25, which is the non turbo rb25de and i have looked at putting in a rb25det. it is a straight foreward swap. the only thing is you have to change the whole wiring loom if you want to keep the neo variable valve timeing. this just take additional labour but other wise the swap is straight foreward. the only word on warning is get the gearbox with the engine as i have heard the rb20det box is not strong enough to handle the rb25det

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(5/18/01 10:04:51 am)
Reply  Re: Neo straight 6 into R32GTSt
 that is so true bout the g/box. the g/box in my car now is the 3rd one. basically i have to change it every year..