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Author Topic: Power steering problem and fail-safe indication on auto transmission mode switch  (Read 1009 times)


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Need opinion and advice on these problems.

My car is Nissan Cefiro Auto with RB20DE Engine and RA31 Chasis.

Initially, I had a problem with my power steering where it sometimes get heavy when started the engine while other times, it's normal. The power steering fluid reservoir is full.

According to the mechanic, it could be the problem of power steering pump. The next day, my mom sent the car to the mechanic to repair it. However, according to him, he only did something to a wire and the problem solve instead of changing the pump. Have no idea what wire he did.

I did not use the car until two days later going for a seminar about 2 hrs drive time. About an hr or so drive, everything was fine until when I try to accelerate at a green traffic light, the car seemed having problem accelerating as if the brakes r jammed. After a while, it seemed OK. WHen I stopped for another traffic light about an hour later, there seemed smoke coming from the back tyre. I didn't stop as the destination is few minutes away. After attending the 4 hrs seminar, I returned to my car and seems like normal. So I drove the car slow as there's traffic jam, but once I've reached the high-way, when i speed up, it seems like the car is in 1st or 2nd gear, running at 100 on the speedometer and the tachometer was quite high (did not reach the red zone) then I slow down running at 60. After about 45 mins drive, seems like the gear upshift to a higher speed and was able to drive 80. Later, I stopped at the filling station for petrol. After leaving the station, everthing is fined like normal.

The next day (Sunday), my dad took the car for a spin and everthing seemed to be fine except for the steering wheel, it gets heavy on and off for no reason.

So the today, I sent the car to a different mechanic as the other mechanic was away. While driving to the mechanic's workshop, everthing was fined except when I make turnings the steering wheel seemed "slipped" and was turning a lot. This mechanic said must be pump but nothing to do with any wiring. At the same time, this mechanic changed the both back brake pads as they have worn out possibly due to the brake jammed and might have caused the tranmission problem. After, changing pads, the transmission problem occurred again. He suggested tat best tat i sent back to the previous mechanic to find out what wiring he did.

Later this evening, the automatic transmission mode switch was blinking indicating fail-safe. It didn't occur earlier nor the last 2 days.

However, I will sent my car to the 1st mechanic to undo what he did.

At mean time, I need some opinion on what went wrong,
1) Is it something to do with the wiring the 1st mechanic did or just tat my car starting to have problems?
2) If there's problem with the tranmission, what is the likely problem lies at?
3) Others?

Ok this morning, before sending it to the 1st mechanic, everything is ok like normal:headbutt: . Anyway, asked the mechanic what he did. According to him, he only did the electrical wire connection for the power steering. He was kinda "busy" and didn't want to have to look. BTW, this mechanic has been knowned to be moody type and inconsistant (if you know wat i mean).

Guess I have to check it myself. Btw before I sent the car, I check the bonnet/hood and checked the fuse near the battery. Found out the fuse for the tranmission is empty however, the clutch has a fuse. Btw wat's this clutch thingy and why the transmission slot has no fuse? Any idea?:confused:
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