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Author Topic: engine and gearbox removal  (Read 1580 times)


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engine and gearbox removal
« on: February 14, 2006, 01:29:09 PM »
not the easyest thing to explain. but here gos

tools you will need:
common sence
1 or 2 other friends.
2 axle stands, a jack, a 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17mm sockets and spanners best to use 1/2" drive
a couple of differnt sized -and+ screw drivers.
a couple of buckets for radiator coolent and gearbox oil and motor oil if you please.
an engine lifter with chain and u shackles and brackets to bolt on the motor.
there may be a few other tools but i managed to do mine with only those tools.
i suggest that you put the bolts and nuts in little bags and you name them so its easyer when you go to put them back in. and any other parts you remove in a box or so. will save you hours of wandering round wondering where your stuff is.

you will need to drain the radiator and gearbox before you can remove the engine and gearbox. unless you dont mind lying in it. if you forget cat little works well :)

things often forgotten:
fuel lines - undo the clips and pull off. you can use a screw driver to punch it off the fuel line, clutch slave cylinder - just unbolt the 2 bolts 12mm i think from the gearbox.

ok so now your ready to start removal of parts. made easyer if you do it on flat ground.. ay skybarge...
start with the battery, radiator, heater hoses, viscos fan, bonnet, bumper, undertray?, bumper support, front mount intercooler if you have one. headlights is a good idea but not nessary. undo the powersteering bracket and aircon bracket from the motor if you plan on using them with out having to blead/regas them.
any other things you have that are easy to remove you should remove as it will make things easyer. oh yeah and remove the gearstick as it makes it much easyer to pull out but it can be done with it on if the motor has no head. disconect the exhuast at the cat or at the dump pipe.

unplug all the wiring loom from the engine and gearbox. double check you have undone all plugs. if your injectors are hard to get at to undo take the top half of the inlet manifold off and just unplug then. undo the speedo drive at the same time.

time to remove the engine and gearbox bolts. the engine is 2 14mm nuts that you access from under the car..
the gearbox crossmember is held on with 4 17mm bolts and is attached to the gearbox via 2 12 or 14mm bolts. you dont need to remove but it makes it easyer. to remove the gearbox bolts i suggest you use a jack to support the weight of the gearbox.

now comes the fun part of removal. not as hard as you think. start lifting up the motor(you need the hook very close to the front of the engine) with then engine lifter drop the gearbox slightly or all the way. pull forward when the engine mounts are out there holes.
slowly raise up and pull forward at the same time. trying to aviod scratching the trasmistion tunnel.
you will need to keep any eye on the brake lines at the back of the engine bay. also the powerstearing lines on the engine crossmember. plus for anything else that might be snagging on the motor.

just keep lifting untill the sump has cleared the front top radiator support panel. you will then be able to lift up the gearbox to clear the front. or just keep liftin till its clear fully.  and then pull away from the car.

dropping back in is pretty much the reverse of taking out.. and if you plan on towing your car anywhere make sure you put gearbox oil in...
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engine and gearbox removal
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2006, 02:32:21 PM »
and try to remember the clutch to gearbox line :(

anyone have a spare?


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engine and gearbox removal
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2006, 10:03:36 AM »
mint now im not the only one posting in this section

bmf pzy

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engine and gearbox removal
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2006, 04:22:29 PM »
sup i need some1 that no's all about R30 coupe.ive done a RB20det conversion,from th L20T motor,all has gone well so far' but im in th darkness i need some help frm sum1 tha haz done this...