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Club Charter
« on: April 25, 2006, 09:30:17 PM »
Skylines Downunder Car Club Incorporated Charter 2001. Revised January 2003.
1. Name:
The name of the club shall be "Skylinesdownunder" (hereinafter referred to as "The Club")

2. Office:
The office of the club is and shall remain in New Zealand.

3. Purpose of the club:
a) To promote, organise and conduct within the club and with other motor vehicle clubs, events such as: rallies, tours, trials, competitions, exhibitions, social functions and other similar events.
b) To assist members of the club in the maintenance, restoration and enhancement of club vehicles.
c) To regularly distribute a newsletter concerning the activities and interests of the club.
d) To obtain and maintain historical, statistical and other records and documents pertaining to the club vehicles.

4. Membership:
a) Membership of the club shall be open to any person having an interest in Nissan Skylines or nissan stageas.
b) The membership shall consist of the following classes:
1)Ordinary Members - Being all members with an interest in Nissan Skylines or nissan stageas at time of joining.
2) Corporate Members - Being companies having interests related to those of the club.
3) Honorary Life Members -Being such persons elected in accordance with the club rules.
c) Membership applicants for all classes except Honorary Life Members should apply in writing on the prescribed form.
d) Every membership application shall be accompanied by the relevant subscription.
e) Any membership application may be declined by the committee.
f) Successful applicants can be furnished with a copy of these rules upon request and must agree to abide by them.
g) Honorary Life Members:
- Person who has rendered significant service to the club.
- Honorary Life Members must be nominated and their membership status confirmed by vote at the
next Annual General Meeting.
- An Honorary Life Member shall not be liable for annual subscriptions.

6. Register of Members:
A regional register of Members shall be kept by the Regional Secretary or the Regional Director of the club and shall contain information deemed relevant by the Regional Secretary or Regional Director. Members shall notify the Regional Secretary or Regional Director of any changes in information contained in the register.

7. Termination of Membership:
a) The Club will have and maintain a set of Rules that govern the conduct of the Members. These shall be known as the "Code of Conduct". This shall be a living document and maybe changed from time to time by a majority vote of the elected Executive.
b) A member may be expelled from the Club and membership terminated for breaches of Code of Conduct or any other serious misconduct. This shall be done by majority vote of the Regional Committee in which he or she is a member. The member may have the opportunity to have the decision reviewed by the Club Executive. In this instance the Regional Director will notify the Member in writing no less than 7 days prior to the Club Executive considering the alleged misconduct and the Member will be given the opportunity to respond in writing for consideration by the Club Executive within 14 days.
c) Any member may resign their membership of the club by giving notice in writing to the Regional Secretary or Regional Director and paying all outstanding fees and subscriptions.
d) Any member over six months in arrears with a subscription shall cease to be a member of the club but will remain liable for said subscriptions.

8. Membership Subscriptions:
a) All members except Honorary Life Members are required to pay an annual subscription.
b) A member's spouse or partner qualifies as a full member without payment of a second subscription.
c) Subscription rate changes for all classes of membership shall only be determined at an Annual General Meeting by majority vote.
d) All subscriptions shall be utilised solely for the benefit of the club.
e) Membership subscriptions fall due in February each year. Members who join during the year will be charged a pro rata membership fee.
f) A single Membership card will be issued per single subscription paid for in full, with the subscribing members name and expiry date.
g) Replacement cards for lost or stolen will be reissued at a cost of $5 per card, and an accompanying Membership form.

9. Financial Year:
The club's financial year shall commence on the first day of July and conclude on the last day of June.

10. General Meetings:
a) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within six months of the end of the financial year.
b) At the AGM those financial members present shall form a quorum.
c) At the AGM every financial member shall be entitled to one vote. In cases of equal voting the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.
d) All votes will be of an open nature.
e) Nomination forms for Club Executives shall be issued not less than 21 days prior to the AGM.
f) Members unable to attend the AGM may nominate another Member to vote on their behalf.

11. Management:

a) The affairs of the club shall be managed by the Executive consisting of a President, Treasurer and not less than two or more than five Regional Directors. In the absence of a Treasurer the President will assume that role.
b) Regional Directors and Committee Members only will be eligible as Regional Director candidates, this will be a national vote issue at the AGM.
c) The President may temporarily appoint a Regional Director in the event of a Regional Director vacancy. This position must then be voted upon at the next AGM.
d) Members of the Executive only will be eligible as Presidency candidates, this will be a national vote issue at the AGM.
e) In the event of any national vote being of an equal nature, the President will have the casting vote.
f) In the event of the Presidency being of an equal nature the decision will be decided by lots.
g) The Executive is empowered to carry out on behalf of the club all matters authorised under these rules.
h) The Executive may appoint sub-committees when required.
i) At Executive meetings a quorum shall be greater than half of the Executive.
j) The Executive may interpret any ambiguities in these rules as they see fit but in doing so will set a precedent which must be followed.
k) It is the duty of the Regional Treasurer to receive all money payable to the club. The Regional Treasurer shall deposit and withdraw all funds from a bank account in the name of the Club. The Regional Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts and prepare annual statements of accounts to be collated by the Club Treasurer.
l) All cheques drawn on Regional Club accounts shall by signed by a member of the Executive and a Regional Committee member.
m) All cheques drawn on the National Account shall be signed by the President and one other Executive member.

12. Branches:
a) The club may establish branches at any place and determine the boundaries of the branches.
b) There shall not be a formation of splinter branches, factions, sub groups, or sub clubs within the body of "The Club", with out ratification by the Executive and brought before a GM for vote.

13. Definition of Nissan Skyline:
A Nissan Skyline is defined as any vehicle manufactured by the Nissan Motor Corp. and sold as Skyline. If necessary the Executive shall decide on the interpretation of this definition in relation to any vehicle.

14. Alteration of the Charter:
The charter may only be altered at a AGM and by majority vote of those present.

15. Dissolution:
a) The club may be wound up voluntarily at a GM by a 75% majority vote, and ratified by the club body of all current members of which 75% agree upon.
b) The current club members ratification will be done via GM meeting and post. All postal votes will be verified by the Executive.
c) After discharging all liabilities the club's assets may be distributed as seen fit by the Executive.
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