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Author Topic: Nissan Skyline Enthusiasts Club of New Zealand.  (Read 20035 times)


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Nissan Skyline Enthusiasts Club of New Zealand.
« on: April 25, 2006, 09:38:23 PM »
About Skylinesdownunder:
Skylinesdownunder the club, originally formed as an enthusiast group of people whom enjoyed visiting this website. From those humble beginnings in late 1999 where the website would recieve around 10 visits per day, and the club boasted as many members. The club has become an identity New Zealandwide, and stands unrivalled as the Nissan Skyline Enthusiast Club of New Zealand. Statistics in late August showed an average of around 400 visits to the Skylinesdownunder website during the day and boasted a membership of 145 members as at 31 August 2000. The largest percentage of membership is in the Auckland region filtering out from there, and membership spreads are far South as Invercargill.

All Skyline owners are welcome to join the club regardless of model type, personal age or lifestyle. The youngest member as of August 31 2000 is 16 years old and the oldest (that we know of) is 63 years old. We are brought together by personal enthusiasm and are by no means aiming to cater for a specific demographic. This is a club for everyone.

As we become more established in the different regions the frequency and quality of activites will certainly increase. This club like all clubs is member driven so without member participation there will be no activity, so we emplore that you take part as much as possible whenever possible. Ultimately having you simply turnup to a cruise, drag meet, or tech talk will retain peoples interest, as ultimately it is all about us being a Skyline community. The scope of activities will range from regular meets at predetermined points in main centres on a weekly basis, monthly social meetings if possible (to plan larger activities and give oppurtunity to meet and exchange ideas), drag meets at approved race tracks, gymkhana, barbecues and social activities as locally planned, technical workshops (as made available) Your involvement is crucial to the success of these activities, if you have any suggestions, would like to appoint a regular cruise and meet point in your town (eg McD's at 12pm Sunday on the main street), would like to suggest or generate interest for an activity, or would like to get more involved please do not hesitate to tell us about what's happening in your area. We also suggest that you make use of your local area notice board in the forum.

The Committee:
Skylinesdownunder currently operates on the donated effort of all involved. Directors have been appointed in most areas to help facilitate steady & organised growth. More people are needed to help the inception of the club itself, especially in the less established areas. As a non-profit organisation we rely on our member base to generate, sustain and direct our growth.
Below you will find a list of current directors, their roles, and contact details:


Tony Barrington  (R33_400R)
SDU President

"Mark koschak"  (koschak)
Treasurer, Secretary, Auckland Director

As a Skylinesdownunder club member you can expect to have access to any member only area that this website may feature, as well as recieve preferrential discounts or free entry to club events (dependant on the event of course) We will make the effort to send out a newsletter every two months, aswell as do our best to arrange and notify of any activites which may be happening in your area. Skylinesdownunder has the support of some very reputable dealers for both new vehicles aswell as aftermarket parts and manuals. By supporting these dealers you help us gain credibility as a community, and many of these sponsors are now offering discounts to club members. This again is another bonus of joining Skylinesdownunder.
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