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Author Topic: Motorex Skyline R33 GTR Vspec CA title, reg., DOT, EPA, CARB docs  (Read 2220 times)


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Pics and specs here:

Below is a copy of my ad.

FOR SALE - $59,888

Located in Glendale, CA.

Contact me at for more information.

Acquired this Skyline GTR, a world class supercar, from Motorex of Gardena, CA back in 2002. Itís a 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Vspec with about 49xxx miles. Very clean inside and out.

Pratically a brand new, built 2.7 liter motor with single turbo upgrade, fuel system, ECU and tuning to match. Over $20,000 in modifications.

Comes with California plates, title & registration. Also, included is DOT, EPA and CARB documents and labeling. Very rare to have a Skyline completely federalized and street legal.

100% legal and forever will be legal. However, with current modifications, it might not pass emissions test.

Buy this car today, because once its gone you will not see another one for years. Motorex, the only company in the US to successfully federalize Skylines is gone.

Less than 70 in the entire US. Inventory of federalized Skylines in the US is stagnant and will never increase, but demand will continue to rise = increase in value every year.

Know the difference between federalized and state legal. This Skyline is legal at both the federal and state level. Other Skylines out there are only state legal. Have the peace of mind when driving or when you sleep at night knowing your car is completely legal.

Its insured and registered just like any other US made vehicle. For auto loans, try or For auto insurance, try State Farm or any other company allowing stated value type coverage.

This GTR has been featured at:

HIN (Hot Import Nights)
GTR Magazine
Numerous Southern California car meets


The last federally legal R33 Skyline sold for $64,000 in November 2006. It had no turbo upgrade, it was non-Vspec, had more mileage, and less HP.

Here are the modifications:

N1 block
Tuned for 91 octane
HKS forged pistons (bored to 2.7L)
H style connecting rods
Balanced crank
ATI crank pulley dampner
Exhaust-side head porting
Intake & exhaust camshafts with 272 duration & 9.8 lift
Greddy 5 row intercooler
Apexi twin intank fuel pumps
Tomei fuel rail
960cc x 6 injectors
Greddy turbo setup kit
Garrett T04R with 1.00 a/r
Apexi N1 exhaust
Tomei front diff
Greddy deep sump kit
Apexi Power FC
OS Giken twinplate clutch
Stock R32 tranny

Auto Select front lip
Auto Select carbon fiber canards
Auto Select carbon fiber adjustable rear spoilier
Kinesis 19x10
Bridgestone Potenza S03 pole position 275/30/19
Ohlins adjustable height & dampening coilovers

Kenwood in-dash touch screen reciever
Sony PS2 under glove box
8-bit Nintendo behind driver's seat
Status frp Laguna Seca driver's racing seat
Bride seat rail

Standard Stuff
Less than 70 federalized Skylines in the US
Exclusively imported by Motorex in 2002
5-speed manual transmission
ATTESA E-TS (electric control torque split 4WD)
Authentic JDM (Japanese domestic market) Skyline with RHD (right hand drive)
Super HICAS (all wheel steering)
Rear Active LSD (limited slip differential)
Factory equipped Brembo aluminum caliper facing piston brakes, ventilated disc brakes, & front & rear strut tower bars
Folding motorized mirrors

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Motorex Skyline R33 GTR Vspec CA title, reg., DOT, EPA, CARB docs
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Nice car dude, might be a bit out of luck trying to sell it here in NZ. We can import them direct from Japan for $20,000 NZD (~$15000 USD) and one modified to your level would cost $35-$40k max here. Good luck with the sale!