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Author Topic: 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon Images x 3  (Read 3015 times)


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2008 Tokyo Auto Salon Images x 3
« on: January 16, 2008, 09:52:19 PM »
The following are resized samples optimized for internet use from the 2008 Auto Salon in Tokyo. Please allow for plenty of time in loading the images! It was a very successful event, our hosts were flawless, accomodation was right on the door step and the after functions were ace! Thanks to JUN, Bride, ASM, J's Racing, Top Fuel, Zerosports, Blitz and anyone else I've forgotten for hosting us and taking time out to host meetings. Keep an eye on the site for more brands updates, we even might have a seat coming out end of year from Bride named after New Zealand! Stay tuned!

Large images available, and there are multiple photos of each 'item' so don't be shy to ask. If anyone wants a DVD burnt) over 3 gig of photos let me know - price $15!

We were also fortunate to be given front row 'seats' to the new Nismo GTR Race car unveiling. Thanks heaps to JUN! Also, if anyone is considering going, it's easy to do it in 1 day, but by all means ask us for tickets to professional day (first day, very empty!) next year!

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