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Author Topic: Installing oil catch can/tank for Skylines  (Read 1517 times)


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Installing oil catch can/tank for Skylines
« on: March 13, 2008, 08:42:30 PM »
Installing a Oil catch can also known as oil catch tank

This is a full guide on how to install an oil catch can for RB20de and det engines. But this will apply to most RB engines and engines in general.

This mod is one of the easiest things you can do. Normal charge rate approx $60+ for an install.

Before I get started Iíll get all the misconceptions and myths out of the way.

Now a catch can in NO-WAY will give you any performance gains from a HP (horsepower) or KW (kilowatt) perspective.

For all you non-mechanically experienced people, in simple terms the purpose of an oil catch can is to hold or ďcatchĒ excess oil blow out of the rockers.

It is NOT an absolute necessity to have. If you run a stock motor with stock turboís etc it has been proven by some that the oily goodness that comes out can prolong the life of your turbo.

This mod is really only if you run after market turboís and/or new intake pipe to your turbo.

Tips & Hints:

1) Try and find some RB20de rocker covers or just the nipple ďyes I said nippleĒ

The reason is that itís a lot neater and tidier, arrghhh screw it pictures paint 1000 words.

2) You must have a catch can that is vented. You can NOT run one non vented as it will, well, Iíll let you find out yourself but think $$$$$$$ sore on your wallet.

K starting time.

Tools needed:

-Flat/Philips screw drivers
-Wrench kit
-Blade or anything to cut through old hoses.
-Oil catch can kit (if parts missing though luck dumbass, you got screwed over)
-Air tight tape OR various size bolts to blocks holes

Step 1: Removing old junk

First off remove your old piping (highlighted red), now you can remove the clips and slowly take your time and slide them out. But if your like me and have no sense of patience or have a bad temper, get your razor blade and slice through them and take them all off.

For RB20det: There are only 2 pipes you need to remove. First one being the one thatís located on the left (driverís side) that goes from the nipple to the manifold. Second one is near your j-pipe and goes into your intake manifold remove that also.

You donít need to remove the U shaped one as oil mist will piss out of there if you remove it.

For RB20de: There are only 2 pipes you need to remove. First one being the one thatís located on the left (driverís side) that goes from the nipple to the manifold. Second one goes into your intake pipe; you need to remove this also.

Note: Wear gloves when you approach this step. May sound stupid but not when your finger is hanging on by a piece of skin.

Step 2 Blocking the holes

For RB20det: First block off the one thatís on your plenum. You can use tape or jam a bolt in there your choice. I like to do both.

Second hole you need to block is the one that goes into your intake pipe. This is the important one you need to block as your car will stall if there are any air leaks.

Step 2: (For RB20de only)

The two nipples are facing no where and are not in the right direction. You need to swivel them round to your desired angle. You can do this by either using your martial art fingers , failing that use my trusty friend ďHammerĒ and gently tap it into place.

Step 3: Finding a place to mount your can

Now this step is really up to you. Find your desired location you canít your oil catch can. Preferably not near your strut towers as you will need to drill holes to mount your brackets, this will lead to a FAIL WOF.

Best place is normally your radiator support panel on the passenger side engine bay as itís got the most free space. If you have the brackets you can now drill some holes and dummy mount your catch can.

Once happy with it use the various bolts given to you in your kit set and secure it. Make sure it doesnít jiggle like a fat women and youíre SWEET.

Step 4: Connecting the hoses.

This is simple. Connect your hose from one end of the nipple to one end of your catch can. And so forth with the second one. Now use mini hose clamps to secure any possible air leaks and you are done.

You can also cable tie the hoses together to keep it a bit tidier and not have two hoses flapping wildly around.

Step 5: Final check and completion

Start her up and give everything a through check.

Issues and problems:

My car now stalls after the installation: If your car is stalling now, check again at all possible areas that may leak air.

If this is not your problem, this may be. Now because you are venting your breathers into the atmosphere, this causes a vacuum change and result in your idle to dropping. You can simply fix this problem by raising the idle.