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Code of Conduct
« on: April 25, 2006, 09:24:13 PM »
Skylines Downunder Car Club Incorporated Code of Conduct.

Like all clubs. Skylines Downunder's members must adhere to a code of conduct. While we are not out to police and put your life under a microscope, a basic foundation MUST be laid and followed. This not only keeps you safe, fellow motorists safe, and a good standing image among the general public. A simple thing to keep in mind is, Once a club has gotten a reputation for having unruly members, it is virtually impossible to rid it's self of that. This drags the entire club and its members down, Which could and in most cases would result in loss of sponsorship, membership and lead to a down fall of the club. These simple rules are not flexible nor is the committee on them ! If you break them your membership could be terminated. Please read and don't forget them, as we the committee will not.

The following are strictly prohibited!
These rules are generally reserved for club events, and may also apply if caught by either a Executive member or fellow member if done outside a club event and is a serious offense.

#1. Fighting ( physically ) with a fellow member or anyone else during events. Self defense will be considered.

#2. Dangerous driving during a club event on public roads, car parks, or fields. Keep it cool and to a race track ! This includes excessive speeding, burnouts (unless otherwise ok'ed), donuts, playing chicken ect.

#3 Engaging in a verbal argument with a sponsor. A committee member will handle any sponsor problems.

#4 Stealing, damaging someone's property, vandalism. Destruction of private property ect.

#5 Extremely rude public behavior !

#6 Illegal substance usage or sales.

#7 Letting anyone use your membership ID card to receive discounts at club sponsors.

#8 Altering or making an copy of your Membership card. We will reissue lost or stolen cards.

#9 Discrimination of other club members or belittling them. (Remember not everyone can either afford or wishes to upgrade or dress up their cars).
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