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Author Topic: All moderators please read  (Read 1232 times)


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All moderators please read
« on: May 03, 2011, 03:22:04 PM »
After last weeks fiasco, I've had a long and lengthy discussion with our club president on the matter, and we need to take a harder line when dealing with inappropriate posts, and individuals that are constantly stirring trouble.  
If there's something there that jumps out at you, please deal with it there and then, do not allow it to fester, if you are unsure what action to take, contact other moderators and discuss the matter, weather it be here on the moderator forum or in a PM.
 Remember to keep things professional and as PC as possible when dealing with forum members, Just because they are rude or uncouth does not mean you can respond in a rude and unprofessional manner (remember as a moderator you are representing SDU).
Do not let your personal feelings on a particular matter or individual interfere when making judgment calls.
If you find yourself coming under a personal attack from an individual and you find yourself struggling to deal with it, contact another moderator and let them deal with it, often when things get personal, judgement becomes clouded, a comment or decision made in anger is not usually the best one and often regretted later.
Personal attacks on admin,moderators, and execs will not be taken lightly, and depending on the severity of the attack, the offender runs the risk of incurring a 2 week suspension regardless if it's there first offence or not.

I'd also like to stress the following point.
Conversations held within the moderators forum are to stay within this section due to the sensitive nature of the material we are dealing with. leaking of information from the moderation forum to the public forum will not be tolerated. If we can't work together and trust one another to support decisions when needed as a collective, it will only be detrimental to the team and undermine authority.
 If you don't support a decision, please don't hesitate to speak up, While in the moderator forum you are given the right of freedom of speech and will not be reprimanded for your views on a particular subject. However if you release information from the moderator forum onto the the public forum (unless previously agreed upon by the rest of the moderation team) your moderators privileges will be revoked.
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