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Author Topic: Oil Change for Noobs  (Read 1347 times)


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Oil Change for Noobs
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:01:36 PM »
Oil is very important in your car. It makes things move nice and smoothly and stops things from getting too hot from naughty friction and it's also great for frying chips in.

I got my oil changed at 89,000km when the Skyline was compliance. Unfortunately, thanks to being a lazy tart, I hadn't changed the oil for 11,000kms.

This is not good.

I decided to run out and change my oil, pronto. Hopefully it would resolve some small issues I've been having.
First things first, jack up the car. I have a few things to say about jacking up the car.

First, make sure you're not an idiot like me and you put the jack on the RIGHT side of the car. It'll make it so much easier to get to the sump plug and the oil filter if you don't have a thin-armed Moshi Moshi around to grab things.

Also, don't trust the car jack to support the car. I mean, it'll hold it's weight, but never trust anything that looks that flimsy. I got a couple of 1,500kg car stands. I couldn't find anywhere to actually set them under safely, so I stood one under the chassis rail, in the hope that if the jack collapsed, it'd give me a second to frantically scrabble out of the way.

Also, make sure you chock the rear wheels with a couple of bricks.

Right, things you'll need:

    An oil tray. Get one that can hold 5 liters. Don't be a cheaparse like me and get 2l Glad Bake aluminium trays. You'll see why later.

    An oil wrench. Any will do, as long as it works.

    An oil filter. For Skyline's (and VL's if you care), you'll need a 145A type filter. I got a valvoline brand one, cost $8.95 from Supercheap.

    Oil. Get a decent synthetic, like Mobil 1. The stuff I got is like 5w40 or something. Cost $45 for 5l.

    A socket set with a 10mm and a 14mm sockets.

    Rags. Many, many rags.

    A cheapo $2 can of degreaser won't hurt either. And soap. Soap helps. Trust me.

Right, first thing to do is detact the plastic tray cover doovy under the engine bay with the 10mm socket. There's 6 screws: 3 at the front, 3 at the back. Get it off and fling it to the side for now. You can see how I've flung mine in the second photo.

Get on your back and wriggle under the car until your face is near the engine sump. On the driver's side, you will see a small plug, called "the oil sump plug". Don't touch it yet, unless you want to get messy.

I'll take a moment here to say that the engine shouldn't be hot. Don't go for 5 quarter mile runs then run off and change your oil. Bandaid's will only do so much.

Get the 14mm socket and the oil tray. Position the oil tray underneath the plug and undo it. When it gets to the end of the thread, the oil will spurt out and most likely whip the plug out of your hands and into the tray. Don't worry about it, you can get it later when you play with the warm, weird-feeling oil. (You know you will, don't deny it.)