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Author Topic: changing your spark plugs  (Read 1414 times)


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changing your spark plugs
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:07:34 PM »
May have been covered before, but here is a run down of the major stages to change your spark plugs. You'll need a socket set (8mm-14mm sockets inc sparkplug socket), torx bits (or alan keys), screwdriver, long nose pliers and some electrical tape.

1. Remove throttle body inlet pipe (thanks to ahapatridge)
2. Remove Pipe as pictured in pic. 2
3. Remove ignition amplifier as pictured, held in with 4 bolts.
4. Remove spark plug cover - held on with torks screws, 6 in total

You should now be able to see the coil packs, plugged in, so work on one at a time.

5. Unplug the first coilpack, and pull the rubber head up and out to expose the spark plug. Should make a nice "pop" sound See pic 5.

6. Take this opportunity to "wrap" the coilpacks with electrical tape while they are out. It helps prevent the spark escaping up the side of the housing and causing misfire. See pic 6.

7. Remove the first spark plug with the appropriate socket size (normally 2 sizes - skyline plugs are the smaller one in my set) Examine, and pull a strange face as if to show you actually know what you're looking at! It will more often than not be brown or black or burnt, but basically its not doing its job properly. See pic 7, these were mine i took out.

8. Place your new shiny spark plug into the socket and tighten. IMPORTANT: If the spark plug feels like it is not going in properly, STOP. undo slightly so that it can find the thread, then slowly retighten. They are very fragile and easy to re-thread (not good and very expensive to fix).
DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE PLUGS, don't forget you are using a torque wrench to put them back in, so a little effort to you will transpire as a lot through the wrench. Tighten "sufficiently". See Pic 8 of me being very cautious.....

9. Place your newly wrapped coilpack back over the plug tightly, and plug in. Thats 1 done, only another 5 to go! Take your time doing each one, and enjoy the experience.

10. Replace pipe work in reverse order as above, check everything is tight, that you have no left over screws (or coil packs!) cross your fingers and start your engine!