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Author Topic: Change you brake pads  (Read 1268 times)


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Change you brake pads
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:16:51 PM »
Here is a detailed guide on how to replace those worn out old squeaky pads on your Nissan Skyline.

Tools needed

Below are all the tools I used to change the break pads.
- Break Pads
- Socket wrench with extension to undo the wheel nuts
- Flat head screw driver
I have used Bendix Advance break pads. If you are not sure on what pads to use on your Nissan just ask on the forums or ask the guys at Autobarn and they will look it up for you.

Losen the wheel nuts THEN Jack your car up, I have driven my car up onto blocks so I could fit the jack under the car. ( i also had to take the wheels off the jack :P )

Firstly you have to take out this little brace. Just slide the ends of it out first, then the middle part will be easier.

It quite easy to get out. (If you get stuck here i suggest you put the wheel back on and get somebody else to do it) :P

Push down here and pull out the bottom rod. Then pull out the top rod. If you find it hard to get out you can push it out from the other side. With both rods out you can take off the metal bracket. (the part you push down to get the first rod out)

After you have taken both the rods out you can just pull out the rear break pad and push out the front one.

Both break pads have been removed.

This is one of the new break pads. This one goes on the inside. The metal part just tells you when you need to change the pads.
Just slide the new pads into place. You might need to lever it in there a bit as it could be a tight squeeze. You can gently tap it in with a hammer or something. (i just used the old pad as a hammer and tapped the new ones in)

Slide the rods back in and put the metal bracket back over the ends of the pads.
You will notice a hole in the ends of the rods. This is where the ends of the little brace clip into. I used the flat head screwdriver to turn the rods until i could see the holes and then just put the brace in.

Once the brace is in then you can just put the wheel back on (TIGHT) and go test out your breaking power. In my test drive I had a couple of little random squeaks, but they are MUCH quieter the the other howling pads that were in there! :D