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Author Topic: No limitations - No money problems - what would you do to your car? (dreams)  (Read 680 times)


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Been talking about this at work and thought it'd be a bit of fun on here.
No money problems and you're not limited by anything.

What would you do to your car?

Car: 83 HR30 skyline
Engine: Factory Spec RB26DETT (little tune for around 300kw)
Body: Full panel and paint - 2 tone red/black (and remove the damn sunroof)
Exterior: DR30 sideskirts and Jenesis lip spoiler
Wheels: Rays TE37V 15x9 -0 bronze and tyres to match (no stretching)
Suspension: Shortened shocks and lowered springs (no brand favoured)

How about you lot?


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Car: R32 gts-t four door
Engine: Nissan Vk56, single turbo, sequential box, big fuel system, link ecu
Body: tube framed front and rear, 8 point cage, bride seats, stripped interior, pedal box
Exterior: standard gts-t/ R32 GTR panels including the rear quarters (nothing fiberglass)
Wheels: Work VS-XX, low offset 18's, stretched tyres.
Suspension: mix of components from Cusco and D-max, alcon brakes

What I'd really want:
Rb26 t04z ect
slammed (using modern suspension components) on watanabes
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My own car?
Car: R32.4 sedan
Engine: RIPS RB34DET, GTS-4/GTR AWD setup, 6Speed,
Body: R34 GTR Seats, Standard spec interior
Exterior same as it is now but with a genuine bee*r kit and new rear quaters that mould into the body.
Suspension The best of everything, Top Secret Roberuta Cup Height Adjustment Kit.

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Sell it and buy a hakasuka and kenmeri, both genuine
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A genuine KPGC10 ideally but I would be to tempted to modify it so I will go with a:

Body: Full custom carbon fiber low & wide body DR30 sedan iron mask etc.
Chassis: Full custom chro-mo tube frame.
Suspension: Custom Super GT style multi link with remote reservoir Ohlins dampers.
Brakes: Brembo 8pot F 6pot R with carbon ceramic discs.
Wheels: Work Meister SP3 18x12 F and 18x14 R with Nitto tires.
Motor: Interchangeable setup for either a RB32DET(or RB34) with Garrett GTX42R on Sinco manifold and Hypertune intake making around 700-800rwkw and a VK56DETT with 2 GTX3582R's on Sinco manifolds and custom intake etc making around 900rwkw. Both with 2000HP safe fuel systems and running on Link G4 Extreme ECU's.
Gearbox: Holinger 6 speed sequential.
Clutch: Custom 7plate.
Diff: Custom 9 1/2 inch independent.
Im getting there slowly at the moment