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Author Topic: My Build so far lots of pics  (Read 5327 times)

welsh bob

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My Build so far lots of pics
« on: October 03, 2014, 03:01:52 PM »
My story so far

25/10/2011 is the date I picked her up at a very very low price of £2353 didnít see the car as it was a few hundred miles decided to take a chance and bid on eBay at the very last second and won so the next day I hired a van and a trailer and told the mrs if it was a crap one we just leave it there but fair play we got there and I was amazed at what I brought paid the man there and then :)  she had 318bhp with only a hand full of mods nismo bodykit,alloys,boost controller, dump valve, fuel pump, coil overs well enough talk hereís the beastie on the way home from where we got it 2 hours to get there and 5 hours back with the stress of towing this and stopping to check she was still strapped down well enough talk hereís the pics

got her unloaded that night took the van and trailer back then I started prodding as she was going to be on my drive until my insurance was up for renewal. Found a goody underneath the seat a greddy ecu. Engine bay started tiding up lots of bling now also relocated the boost controllers in the dash also installed a gps system so I donít have to take my satnav every where I go also I have replaced all the bulbs and I know they are all working got a few more things to do to her before sheís going back on the road any way hereís the pics so far

Did a really stupid thing next and got stainless rad brackets all looked amazing but 1 of the old bolts decided to snap and with out me thinking I drilled out the snapped bolt hitting the loom underneath the panel bugger ! Swore lots got on the phone managed to get a loom so I could see what it was I drilled through . Phone up lots of auto sparkies they wouldnít help bugger ! Next was rip out the damaged wires and re solder or replace what it was I drilled through and guess what all the panic and it was just the reverse light switch that goes to the gear box phew

And this is the fixed rad bracket you can see the bolt I replaced

lots more done I managed to get a veilside spoiler at a bargain price of £80 as the nuts and bolts were seized sorted those out with aid of old nuts and my welder ;) now at the spray shop Lots of stainless and chrome is now under the engine bay needs 1 last polish to remove the water / finger marks hereís before and after pics tho the polished looks dull in the pics as it was a cold morning and they mist up but trust me these things are mirrored polished

Before lots of Poo and dirt

After lots of shiny bits and bobs

Also found more goodies installed for more power when I took the engine covers apart for polishing splitfire coil packs

Had a spare half a hour today so gave her another polish and got rid of the finger marks the shine is unreal

sheís now fully armed with a cat 1 alarm and immobilizer boost and volt gauges are now all working new veilside spoiler has been sent to the paint shop mod list now stands at the following

BC Suspension with adjustable height and dampness
Nismo Smoked Indicators
Stainless steel engine covers
Custom made bottle tops with skyline lazed out
HKS Air filter
Blitz supersonic dump Valve
Greddy trust exhaust system
Greddy trust intercooler
Greddy emanage piggy back ecu
Kakimoto alloy Wheels
Uras rear bumper
Splitfire coil packs
Blitz sbc-id boost controller with fuel mapping system
Metal headgasket
Front splitter
Stainless steel rad brackets
Chrome dipped Cam cover
Polished rocker covers
Custom grille
Split fire coil packs
GTR Speedo gauge
GTST Leather handbrake and shifter covers
Short shifter
Boost Timer
Delimited and converted to mph
Sunpro volt and boost gauges
Razo pedals
Massive drift rev counter

Next I got the spoiler back from the body shop at 8.30am yesterday so after a hour or so I got bored and started to take off the standard rear spoiler now running bareback

welsh bob

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2014, 03:03:10 PM »

Down the blade

just finished the rubbing down to get rid of the runs the house is now a tip lol but all the white marks are where the runs were must of been painted by a blind person lol 

made the most of these past few days of heat and I managed to bond and bolt the spoiler on all thatís left is a few more days to fit the spoiler blade once its all ready

well good news the spoiler blade is now complete and ready to go on thanks to my mate Paul its to fiddly for my ogre size hands lol

my original idea of mounting this spoiler didnít work so in the end I ended up using spring toggle bolts but had to modify them to get it them to work my trusty bench grinder done the trick

Here I am drilling the holes and line every thing up

This is what she will look like

One side all done now for the other

Job complete

well had a nice day out with the skyline yesterday too see my sister amazing to drive fair play but hard to keep to the speed limits lol pulled over for a ciggie and to take a few pics now my sisters husband has got a 3.0 litre supra automatic took him out in the skyline he loved it and now wants a skyline lol any way hereís a few pics sorry about the bird crap near the headlight

So much again has happened some good some bad some dam right pain in the arse lol

The good:
Had my lights tinted with the orange indicators/fog lights and the head lights did my head in also installed hid headlights and led sidelights pics of headlights

Lights not switched on in these pics

More good: went out for a few pics

Now the bad:

after driving up the mountain we heard a hissing sound thought I had a puncture but no turned out the car decided to pee its water every where from some hidden pipes topped up with water took it to the nearest petrol station filled it up with water again but this time she would pee it out so fast I knew it was the day done lucky I got breakdown cover on her

Now the pain in the ass

Stripped out all the hoses out of the car turns out its the water hose that supplies the heater in car had a pin hole in it with age I thought to myself it wouldnít loose that much water with a pin hole connected a hose on low power to the rad and found out there was another leak this time on my turbo water feed the pipe has complety rotted away the skyline has done very little mileage in her life time the water in the pipes have rotted every thing by the looks of it

The costly or not as the case was:

turns out the standard pipes what I need are £40 for second hand ones from the same age skyline I decided new was the only safe option samco and sfs kits are on the shelf for what I need at a total cost of £300 OUCH managed to take what I need the from Japan delivered to my door for £140 so im now awaiting my parcel from Japan to get her back on to the roads

you may of seen in another post I had a water leak found the biggest problem being the turbo water feed pipe was split in half also I had a pin hole on one of the pipes but stripping her down the plastic connecters cracked and were in hell of a state really brown and yucky lol just waiting for the hoses to come from Japan had a amazing deal for the kit over half price than a uk kit hereís a pic of the water feed pipe thereís a hose that attaches to the end of this it cant be any more than 4 inches long thatís all the trouble was

Got these finally in the post nice samco hoses

welsh bob

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2014, 03:03:56 PM »
Hoses fitted still got one or 2 left to also polished and cleaned the car today ready for japfest

Car has been treated to the following in this order

dodo juice wax
Glass cleaner
Engine bay polish
Interior shine

well update again few pics of the car at japfest wont bore you with hundreds of pics just a few of the best ones of my car even a few on the track :)

Car seemed to be holding back at certain revs turns out the stock boost controller was still wired plumed in binned that and now sheís much much better and boost turned up at max for the stock turbo

Also binned the standard dump valve for the blitz one

More to come

with the nice weather I started to seal my leaky boot stripped out the old sealant and resealed with tiger seal also found out my rear lights are missing some bolts snapped off thatís another part of the leak and why the lights filled up with water so replacement ones ordered hereís a few pics of the tiger seal witch set in 20mins with the heat today

I painted the tiger seal with a small paint brush doesnít look to bad until I get it done by a sprayer most of my engine bay pipe work have been transformed now only a few more to replace also changed the sparkplugs to ngk and she seems to be getting better also carbon wrapped my rear panel for me so put a neon tube inside and bobs your uncle got a light up rear sign also those who went to japfest will remember me buying led bulbs for my rear number plate take a look how bright they are :) oh and I fitted a massive bosh battery (HSB075) now as well

I sold my front bumper. Saw a big deal on eBay for a do-luck front bumper with a fitment issue. Got convinced to take a chance with it and well after a few hours looks like its going to fit ok! All the fitment issue was the standard bumper brace bar which I thought I would have to cut anyway. Pics as follows

All marked out where I had to cut with my angle grinder, I was pooping myself at this point. Also with front bumper off I noticed I have a trust greddy intercooler.

Most of it cut out just a little tidy up

Cut out done now weighs slightly less :)

Lost daylight but this is what I have ended up with. All I got to do is drill holes to mount to the wings and underneath the grill. I'm not looking forward to that :(

Best of all it cost me £85 plus £15 postage :)

ordered a grill from knight racer but wasnít happy with it so got a refund with it and will sling it in the bin never mind any how this is the bumper fitted as it stands at the moment bare in mind it said fitment issues it does need slight adjustment nothing major tho I couldnít stomach drill a new bumper so custom finishes got it on for me :) also front indicators installed smoked rover 25 wing ones :) al thatís left to do is a little bit of filler work and away for painting :)

back from the paint shop and omg what a difference all I got to do now grill needs adjusting to fit also indicators are working now with a little help from a resister on each one I think the bumper matches the style of the side skirts well what do you all think ?

Well all done now still unsure on the grill it is a gtr style one first pic I will show you I love it. But second one I will show you im not too keen on it and the 3rd pic I love it again opinions? Also silver sun strip has been replaced with a tint from all blacked out as I couldnít see through the silver one what do you think on that as well?

I love the grill

im not to sure on the grill

I love it again

I knew the grill wasnít sitting right as the bolts near the bonnet catch were pulling down the bumper too much I ended up using the same bolts but quite thick washers between the bumper and the support panel this is what I got also bonded the grill on now using a small amount of tiger seal and left it over night I think job done looks much better opinions?

Thought a coil pack was dead turns out the last owner buggered up the thread on a spark plug hole all this time and problem solved no more misfire for me :)
my hid head light have been a concern for me as they looked a nice shade of blue but were a bugger to drive with in the wet and dangerous so what i done to day is got a new set of hid 4300k headlights with stainless steel ballasts (more bling to be polished) and I put the 6000k I had in to the full beam so now I have 4 hid light on the front of the car :)

This shows new headlights 4300k hid compared to the old 6000k hid much better 

This shows full beam

also my rear panel has been doing my head in as I used a neon tube first time round and was slightly short so half of the s and e were missing when side lights were on so I changed the neon to a set of leds and installed them along with red sticky back film to make the light more equal much better :)

welsh bob

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2014, 03:04:27 PM »
This shows what I did with the leds

This shows the rear panel with camera flash

xmas was here decided to treat the car for its years birthday of being with me and ordered a carbon fiber bonnet thanks to auto extreme cant fault these guys will be fitting in the next couple of days thanks again Wayne from auto extreme you know how to make a man happy :)

Here are the pics

Whets in the box?

Side open

Bubble wrap off

Out she comes

Close up

Am I happy?

took 2 of us 20 mins to get old bonnet off and new bonnet on and fitting nicely was going to do the catches but started raining again so I decided to leave it for another day pics as follows  slandered bonnet is really heavy new one is so light its unreal so all thatís lest to do is fit aerocatches and fit washer jets job done then fitted no problem at all and better still makes the grill look perfect so its staying :)

Decided today that I had enough balls to start fitting the aerocatches god I hated cutting a carbon bonnet
I must of aged 20 years doing this lol
Nothing major really first side cut out now lost light so tomorrow will do the other side and bolt the catches up :)

other side done and all fitted I ended up reinforcing catches using a high strength bold sealer same stuff thatís holding my spoiler base to the boot so mega strong :)  sorry for the crappy night pics :) will get better ones when I clean all the dust of her 

I was going to wash the car before work over slept and the rain washed most of the dust away hereís the day time pics

next on the list was a oil change I have had the car on the road now for a year so decided it was time to do this didnít realize how much she needed it how dirty the old oil was got the oil filter from Andy at S.P.A oil Found in my local asda store was a offer on castrol gtx oil £20 for 4 liters so got 2 of these and the left over is to share for the skyline top ups and my Mrs. car nothing else exciting yet pic of old oil

Will drop the castrol out of her in a few weeks to use some higher grade racing oil

update today I got myself a set of gtr seats so out with the old in with the new my camera makes out that they are dirty but they are not the seats are suede and have different shades of colors when touched bloody hell they are so comfy was a nice drive home with them :) well worth the price tag of £700

These out

These in


I got hold of another blue samco pipe to go on the throttle body :) also today I was going through my under sink cupboard we have with all the chemicals ect are and found a bottle of cilit bang and I thought I wonder if this stuff is any good and tried it under the bonnet amazing results shifted all the grime and old crap under the bonnet i.e. the inlet manifold these results speak for them selves all that's needed is a autosol for the water marks on the stainless steel

well solved the issue I had with the miss fire loom to the injector was shot so replace that next if I can get my shrek sized hands in there also had the spoiler hydro dipped in carbon as the wrap didn't look real this is amazing now best of all the place is called hydographix about 20 mins from my house so will be getting more stuff done :) pics to follow

And how it all looks together

well decided to rip the air con out took 3 hours with tea breaks all I got left to remove is the part under the glove box every thing else has been removed also removed all the sticky sound deadening in the boot I will weigh every thing and see how much weight I have saved

Well hereís a pic of all the stuff removed all thatís left is the part under the glove box

Weighed the stuff that came off so far 2.475 stone which is 15.7kg

Not a bad weight saved for some thing I donít use

More progress today once I got all the tar sound deadening of I painted the boot to stop it rusting

Also I took off the stickers from my rear windows they were annoying me I much prefer a clean look

Under the bonnet different story also I had the ones from my member pack you can see the much more room I have made by throwing the air con out

The last thing I did was relocate my stereo as it was sitting out too far and tidied up the mess behind this

All the cables I removed. In Japan I bet my car was a alien hunter or some thing lol this crap didn't work so pulled it all out

one last job I did was change my brake stopper I had the nut the other end (closer to the servo) but after looking at other peoples mine was wrong so did that as well :)

Well been thinking about my splitfire coil packs now itís a shame to hide them in a cover but itís good to keep the water out so decided to use Perspex hope it can cope with the heat I wonder how hot it gets in there ? Perspex becomes soft at 150C. But it starts to burn at around 160-165C and for water protection I used instant gasket in blue :) looks good tho what do you think ? 

And my hands after changing the coil pack loom

And a little vid of first turn over after replacing the loom

Next decided to bin the rear wiper I have never liked it as it ruins the lines of the car and gain a small amount of weight loss which is good also I have never used it and I can honestly say I canít see any thing out of my rear window due to the spoiler

Gone now J

Better lines on the car now

Now blanked off using a sample bung I ordered from a website and washer jet blanked by a screw cap

welsh bob

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2014, 03:04:58 PM »
well few more updates had my front bumper redone with a better body shop its no stable looking much much better grill sitting better and looking overall amazing now :) on the way home had a mishap with a kerb and my side skirt the kerb won so back down the body shop took the skirt off to find they are genuine Gracer trust side skirts seem so rare I cant find any for sale any where to check prices of them so I decided to keep them and get the one repaired you can see the damage done on the pics

Damage to skirt

Trust greddy badge on rear of skirt

How the car looks now

Pics of the reworked bumper = much better what do you all think ? All I got to do is wash and polish the car and refit the sideskirt when I get time :)

Bumper off again

More crap removed

jack holder

Blow off pipe was blanked off so removed along with stereo cage

Rest of the aircon (stuff under glovebox)

Well installed a nice Walbro 255lph fuel pump and replaced a dodgy lambda sensor
will finish these off with a uprated fuel filter now :) and direct feed to the fuel pump so it can run better :) then thatís another job done 

haha think i have solved the flat battery issue since i brought the car battery only lasted 2 days brought a bigger bosh one it lats about 5 days before going flat changed the lambda sensor 2 weeks ago and went to start the car with me thinking i better get my jump leads and it fired like it just been run maybe as the old lamba had bits of metal coming out of it was causing a short and draining the battery as this is the only thing i have changed recently and like i said battery has been perfect :) YAY is this possible ??

next on the list hicas bar found some old car paint in the garage decided to paint it before i fit it :) didnt come out too bad considering i had to modifiy a 4 inch paint brush lol and car paint lol

managed to get the hicas unit off lots of swearing , hammers and ever a grinder to help lol but got there and replaced with the lock out bar :)

well took the car to be laser tracked today 4 wheel laser tracking done look at all the reds before and now car is a dream to drive the guy who did it said all 4 wheels were fighting each other and pulling every where oh dear lol  and after adjustment he said i need adjustable camber arms now for the rear to make it spot on but no rush really as its a million times better :) thanks for coming along and taking me to the garage nitros and to celebrate a job well done met up with auto extreme for a catch up :)

decided to give the walbro fuel pump the 14 volt mod a try amazing difference fair play all flat spots seem to have gone car does seem to have more pick up and go and now its one less thing to do for the bigger turbo didn't take too long about a hour or so to make the wiring up and install it in the car also grounded the fuel pump as well dead easy to do just take your time and double check every thing :)

put relay here

neat as i could get it for today

also took the hicas wires from underneath and put the here cant see them now just need another 10 mins or so to make every thing look dead neat

As you can see I left the hicas bulb in as its used for other faults on the car I just snipped one of the wires from the hicas unit so it doesnít light up the bulb on the dash 

Racing clutch ordered from ebay brand new in packets and had it at a bargain price as well happy days :)
its iron and carbon it can handle 740bhp it needs 500 miles to bed in tho price should of been around the £600 mark

This assembly features our advanced hybrid iron and carbon friction material riveted to our high torque disc assembly in a six puck style. The IronMan provides outstanding stability, smooth engagement, and less wear on opposing surfaces
The 1680 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a six puck high torque sprung disc with Iron/Carbon buttons, all applicable bearings, and the appropriate alignment tool.

i paid £200 delivered for it brand new in the box gotta love ebay :)

fox light binned and put inside the drivers rear light where the reverse light was much neater than a bloody big foglamp hanging off the car thanks geeman for the idea and for helping me decide to do it 

time for a update again geeman kindly helped me take the dash out and gave it a lick of paint while it was out i managed to sort out my blitz meters and replaced the bulbs with white smd units

also took a pic of the fog light in the night much better now used a led bulb so its not red in the lens

time for a update again took the the dash out and gave it a lick of paint while it was out i managed to sort out my blitz meters and replaced the bulbs with white smd units

also took a pic of the fog light in the night much better now used a led bulb so its not red in the lens

decided i was going to treat the car again got a engine damper from auto extreme people say they are a pig to do but got it done less than a hour and even had a cuppa while doing it dead easy to do

job done also treated myself to a braided clutch line ready for when i fit the clutch cant go wrong with fitting a new line and a braided one at that :)

had a blast today with tancho tuning thanks to fred and his amazing staff my carbon fibre clutch is installed got to say the clutch feels not far off standard no muscles needed to push i only stalled once with it lol needs revs to pull off at lights otherwise she shakes lol the  instructions say a 500mile bed in period but so far so good dead happy with it

old clutch

almost 200 miles on the clutch now god its getting better all the time so to celebrate i treated myself again this time with help from Davie and his photoshop skills i went for a set of Gunmetal Rota Gtrs i went a bit mad ordered 18inches x 9.5 allround for a nice wide wheel complete with tyres i know they are expensive but what the hell i waited only 2 days wait and on my doorstep great service

The car didn't want to lose its wheels mind took 3 hours and lots of bent and broken tools to get the studs out but did it in the end 

old wheels

bent hammer how hard was i hitting the bar to get the studs free ?

bar bent this was straight 10mins earlier lol

had a cuppa and 5 mins then these turned up just as the last nut came free good timing or what lol

cleaned all the brakes up


all done

fronts are cathing on full lock so will need 5mm spacers and as the car is low i need the rear arches rolled

well fitted 5mm front spacers now job done think i need rear ones to make it even but now the front dont rub on full lock :) also painted my calipers satin black to freshen things up better pics as well now :)

welsh bob

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2014, 03:05:25 PM »
pic is taken from a local show for charity in tredegar house this is a pic of a pic so quality is not too great

Decided more stuff could come out to make the car lighter stuff again which I donít need the tar sound deadning

This is the drivers side almost done

All removed and painted to stop any rust forming

Not bad and carpet will be re fitted to retain the factory look once passenger side and rear is done
the tar stuff is really heavy so will be interesting to find out how much i have saved yet again

well all done and back together decided to put the carpet back to make it look better / factory looking but the sound deading weighed in at 7.2kg with most of it out now and a good thing is hardly no difference in road noise

with this all out and weighed i have lost total weight crap i dont want in the car so far = 46.734kg or 7.36 stone with a few more bits to do :)

17th November big thanks for davie for giving his help and advise on facebook this next bit
ok decided for winter project  i wanted gtr over fenders but didnt want bad quality ones from shitracer so got in touch with a guy from ireland perfect fitment i gotta say and quality is second to none i decided i was going to do it by cutting out the arches *Gulp* any way heres what i done so far

mock up of drivers side arch

kitted out for fiber glass trimming

rough cuts

perfect fuel flap also note side skirts are off

next was to remove my rear bumper and found out the last owner bonded the whole thing on as bumper is one piece no spats this was a right pain in the butt

but with it all removed you can see no signs of rust :)

this next bit davie didnt like lol
next i got the grinder out and took off about 2 inches all round off the outer wing to leave me this

then stuck some slats in the inner wing so it can be rewelded

so far this is how far i have got only taken me about 2 hours to get it this far :)

well took the passenger sideskirt off tonight and plan was to cut the arch then i can weld them both up the same time but i have had a 3 inch crack just above my side skirt and was thinking it cant be that bad lets see whats under it big mistake my whole rear end  has been coated in filler for some reason its been plastered on it as well no wonder why this side looked different im going to cut the arch tomorrow and see what joys i find then ??? also notice gaping holes where my arches were good job i got access to a mig welder and lots of tools in my new job lol any how heres the latest pics :(

all the scraches are where the filler is look how thick it is as well

the rust will be sorted and so will all the filler before i offer the arches up

well got the arch cut out and slatted on this bad side and now ground away for welding to commence also most of the silicone crap removed from the body also took the filler down a few levels as soon as i cut the outer skin off the arch popped back to where it should of been

work has been flat out but we got it welded up one side on our dinner break

Got the panel straight as I could took off old Japanese filler and ground the welds off primmered and bonded the one side one here it is held together and left 48 hours to set

Took of the masking and ended up with this

Another dinner break Welded up the other side

That night stayed on and got Welds ground off and excess cut off

3 coats of primer

Bonded on

48 hours later took the masking all off ended up with this

Drove home like this as the workshop was getting full

Waited a week and got some carbon fiber filler so it wouldnít ever crack needs another layer

Done both sides both still need another layer to make sure it blends in nicely but got this so far bumper and sideskirts just loose in the pics for a mock up

Now almost the end of February 2014 my winter project is almost done

Second hand gtr fuel flap bent and fitted to get a shape of where it needs to go

25 mm hubcentric wheel spacers delivered

Off to the body shop she went

Fuel flap made as the gtr one didnít work as expected

Sanded down and masked off

All in paint and back home still need to go back to get the rear bumper sorted going for a different style with that and the sideskirts need better fitment as the rear is wider which is pushing the skirts out of line but got this the rear each side is now 35mm wider than stock

and a small problem with the fuel flap there is no line in it like the gtr one but it works so thats the main thing for me at this stage

well end of march and winter has gone and the car is 99.9% completed now my bumper i never really liked so got a new one it now has been fitted what a bugger it was to get it sitting right not perfect at the moment waiting for a day off next week hopefully I can get it bang on  any way here are the pics

Its been a long process as I have been in work and trying to do it dodging the rain wasnít fun but hey its almost ready to a standard I wanted it

I do have vids of the build with some pics that are not on here if you want to watch

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Well its all payed off at a car show my car won best Japanese car modified mania show 2014

Finally Fitted a bee*r launch control and running for 4 months now and no problems at all turbo is fine lots of people saying they bad but I donít abuse it off the limiter all the time Had car put on the dyno she pulled 338bhp my run is near the end of the vid

and vid of the bee*r no music :)

sorry if this thread is long but I hope you enjoyed the read
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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #6 on: October 05, 2014, 10:04:01 AM »
Damn son. Nice build! Great to see you're using quality parts. Now if I wasn't a student...

welsh bob

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #7 on: October 08, 2014, 11:01:39 AM »
Lol thank you buddy believe it or not i live on ebay so got some amazing deals for parts new or like new :)


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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #8 on: October 24, 2014, 09:21:49 PM »
Wow I wish I could give you my car to do up!
Now for a bigger turbo!


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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #9 on: October 25, 2014, 12:25:27 AM »
Holy hell the rear guards were absolutely wrecked! You'd never know unless you stripped it back  :o

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Re: My Build so far lots of pics
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2014, 10:35:34 AM »
yep got mmy parts slowly coming in for the next part of the project top mount turbo :)