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Author Topic: Wheel/suspension/geometry guru's get at me!  (Read 995 times)


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Wheel/suspension/geometry guru's get at me!
« on: November 07, 2015, 08:08:16 PM »
Okaaay! So I'm partaking in a track day next month and am sorting out what wheels & tyres to use. Car is R33 GTS25T.

My current wheel & tyre situation is this: I have a full set of 17x9 Rays Nismo LM-GT2's in GTR offset and a pair of 17x7.5 OZ F1's off an evo. I have brand new falken FK452's on the front LMGT2s which I want to dont want to ruin on track, and I have crusty old advan rear tyres that have almost 0 grip.

I have just bought a set of second hand RE002's, a pair with 5mm tread and a pair with 3mm tread. So what I am thinking of doing is putting the 5mm re002's on the rear LMGT2's to replace the crusty ones, and use them on track, and to street after, and put the pair of 3mm tyres on the evo wheels for the track day and use as drift/track wheels later down the track. This way I dont need to fuck about with swapping tyres, however the offset on the evo wheels are ridiculous.

The tyres are 225 45 17 so will be slightly stretched on the nismos, and about perfect for the evo wheels.

However I test fitted the evo wheels on the front today and found they sat waaaay in the guards as they are high offset, will this cause problems on track? Am I better off messing around with swapping tyres on my front LMGT2s?

I don't really wanna have to buy spacers as I'm putting money into decent brake pads, braided brake and clutch lines for this day.

Pls advice needed! Will high offset front wheels make it drive like arse?

Or anyone got some 20-25mm spacers they could lend me for a day? :D

Untitled by danedser, on Flickr

Untitled by danedser, on Flickr

I did find some 5mm slip on spacers which helped a tiny bit, but still not ideal.

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Re: Wheel/suspension/geometry guru's get at me!
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2015, 04:14:06 AM »
Offset is not the problem. Stretched tyres are a problem.I have given up telling people they are not just illegal but dangerous but since you are going to track them let me explain. You will see drifters with stretched tyres. I have seen drifters throw a tyre and wipe out. But the point of drifting is to lose traction - its not really drifting in the technical sense its "controlled" power sliding. This is not what you want on the track. You want road holding so that you can go round corners faster, not sideways.

9 in rims need 245 or 255 tyres (minimum 235)