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Author Topic: help my car commited suicide  (Read 956 times)


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help my car commited suicide
« on: June 21, 2016, 11:01:16 PM »
short version of my previous thread.

installed my X automatic rb20det engine from my a31 into my X rb20de  r32 manual body, slipped the 32 gbox on the 20det engine and bolted it all up. im using the r32 standard rb20de loom and plugged up with a chipped rb20det. all of the oil, water and air and fuel hoses are all linked to their correct positions and everything has been plugged in leaving no loose wires or solo plugs anywhere. the only thing i had to interchange was the cas. as the 32 cas has a round, plug and the a31 has a square cas  plug.  i am getting spark air and fuel and my ecu error codes reading a 55 -nothing- i was driving the 20det right untill i pulled it out. the motor was running and driving and all of a sudden i swap a manual box on it and drop in the 32 and it pulls off a suicide on itself.. it winds over and over with no signs of wanting to fire up and it doesnt take long to drain the battery.

what am i missing? fuel is there compression is there and spark is there. the ecu pins are fine. grounds are clean and plugs are all connected. give me anything.