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Author Topic: [ARCHIVE]: R32 High Beam Headlights  (Read 864 times)


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[ARCHIVE]: R32 High Beam Headlights
« on: June 09, 2001, 09:26:21 PM »
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(6/14/00 9:17:50 am)
Reply  R32 High beam headlights
 Can someone check their R32 headlights for me - when I flick to high beam the round projector light goes out and the square shaped light on the inside comes on. This seems a little strange to me as most normal cars have all four headlights on when the high beam is switch on.

I think I have dozy wiring as the front of the car has been messed with in Japan. Another interesting one is the electric fan goes on when I push the driving-light switch! (I don't have driving-lights in my GTS25 as it has a GTR front)



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(6/16/00 3:24:30 pm)
  Re: R32 High beam headlights
 If your car has the bug eyed head lights, the main driving lights are little round ones, then yes they will go out when you put on the high beams, My GTS-t does this. Now if you have the other light system, such as those on my GTS then all four stay on. As far as the smaller driving lights in the front spoiler, if they are factory such as mine, or you have had them put in eithe way, they must go out when you put your high beams on according to the new WOF regs.
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(6/22/00 8:11:10 pm)
Reply  Lights
The 'other light system' are otherwise known as 'frog eyes.' (The Japanese have the cutest names don't they!)
It would pay for all new buyers of imports to check things like wiring since I have seen some seriously inadequate connections before. Generally your factory spots will be connected to the spot switch located to the right of the steering wheel on the main console. However if a previous owner has installed different lights, they often install separate switching for these. A common trap is for people to use excess loom, unneeded relays and fusing when installing after market lights. If you find yourself in this situation, first step back and take a look at how the existing wiring is setup before attempting to get the new ones in.
The light setups do differ in the low and high beams, on the standard lights. Yes they do differ in model, yes the 'bug eyes' do only run 2 at a time. The 'bug eye' type cost a lot more to replace, and often you are better approaching a vehicle importer to through one in a car next he travels, than to buy direct from a light distributor.