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Author Topic: [ARCHIVE]: Rear Seat  (Read 758 times)


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[ARCHIVE]: Rear Seat
« on: June 09, 2001, 09:27:14 PM »
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(7/22/00 2:22:44 pm)
Reply  Rear Seat
 Can anyone tell me how to remove the lower rear seat out of a R32? Seems to have a catch either side but I can't figure out how to release the thing.
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(7/23/00 8:34:54 am)
Reply  Re: Rear Seat
 It has two u-shaped pins that fit into sockets in the floor. Basically you shove the front of the seat towards the trunk until the pin moves far enough backwards to release. If that's too hard you can stick a lever of some sort (I use the end of a 10mm or 8mm box wrench (spanner) into the hole and lever the pin backwards.

It's relatively simple once you've done it once.