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Author Topic: [ARCHIVE]: Seats  (Read 689 times)


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[ARCHIVE]: Seats
« on: June 09, 2001, 09:28:32 PM »
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(8/5/00 4:07:27 pm)
Reply  seats
 how do u pull oout the front door panels to replace the speakers on a 1990 gts 4 door
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(8/5/00 7:28:42 pm)
  Re: seats
 hey tupac23
there should be three screws on the bottom of the door
one screw in the door handle,one screw behind the
window switch,plus the two that have the caps ontop the plastic bit where the door lock is,just open the
door like you would if you where getting out of the car
and just leaver that bit off,its just clipped on
you can now pop the door card off and unplug
the window wire
tip:leave the window down before you start so that
when you match up your new speakers and make sure thay dont
hit the window(unless you are putting 4x6" back in,
also its easyer to get the door card back on

hope this helps

the bunny