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Author Topic: [ARCHIVE]: Changing Radiator Fluid  (Read 866 times)


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[ARCHIVE]: Changing Radiator Fluid
« on: June 09, 2001, 09:30:48 PM »
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(8/22/00 9:02:07 am)
Reply  changing radiator fluid
 Hi, this is my 1st time I have ever changed the raditor water and I was wondering if anyone can help me.

I have the liquid to change it but not sure how too.

Could someone please help and tell me what to look for and how to do it

All help is appreciated

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(8/22/00 11:39:36 am)
  Re: changing radiator fluid
 If you look at the radiator from underneath the drain bung will be on the drivers side of the car on the lower tank of the radiator , it looks like a tap with a hose coming out of it , they unscrew anti-clockwise and old coolant should come out . make sure the engine isnt too hot when you do it , and take off the radiator cap first .
i think that is all .
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(8/22/00 6:14:48 pm)
Reply  Re: changing radiator fluid
 If you want to change it properly it pays to flush the system out, draining the radiator only changes about half the fluid. The best way to do it is remove the thermostat, put radiator flush in, run for 15 min, let cool off, remove heater hose, put garden hose up heater hose & turn on tap. let clean water run thru until all old green/brown colour is gone, refit heater hose & thermostat & put new antifreeze in. run engine, while it is warming up open up bleed fittings on top of manifold to let out air. let engine run until thermostat open fully, all air out of system. note while you are doing this put heater on hot to remove air bubbles from heater core.
good luck!