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Author Topic: [ARCHIVE]: R32 GTS-4 Intermittent 4WD Fault  (Read 798 times)


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[ARCHIVE]: R32 GTS-4 Intermittent 4WD Fault
« on: June 09, 2001, 09:31:26 PM »
Peregrine R32 GTS4 Australia
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(8/16/00 7:03:10 pm)
Reply  R32 GTS-4 Intermittent 4WD Fault
 I have an R32 GTS-4, and I have an intermittent prob with the 4WD fault light coming on. When it happens, it occurs soon after startup, usually when the car is cold, but doesn't happen all the time. If I switch the car off, then restart, the fault clears and does not return.
When the fault occurs, the LED on the computer under the rear shelf is flashing 18 times, pause, 18 flashes and continues this cycle.
Can anyone out there suggest what may be causing this problem ? Best anyone has been able to offer so far is a loose connector somewhere (where are the ones I should check ?!) or some sort of wiring prob.

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(8/18/00 8:49:11 pm)
Reply  Re 4WD light
 If the LED on ETS control unit flashes 18 times it indercates a problem with the ETS pressure switch or switch circuit. The pressure switch is located in the
ETS hydraulic unit above diff.

Hope this helps.
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(8/31/00 10:52:06 pm)
Reply  Me too!
 Hi Peregrin,
I was just about to post a similar query. My 89 GTS4 does exactly the same cut out. It does appear to be affected by any sort of voltage drop on start up also. I just had an alarm system installed that locks the doors when the ignition is switched on. Cut out happened nearly every time the doors locked. Let us know if it is the sensor on the diff.