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As the title explains, I'm looking for the best value for money tyre for my S13. $1500 is my upper limit, it's a lot of money to spend on tyres so I would like something that wears well while still performing. What size tyre should I be aiming for front and rear? I'm not big on stretching I just want a tyre that fits nice. I hear the Nitto Invo is good? It's hard to find good reviews and comparisons, at least when I've tried searching. Anyone's experience here would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your time!

General Skyline Discussion / Help! RB30DET W/ Link but not Running Right
« on: December 19, 2009, 10:24:10 AM »
Hey guys, i have just finished building an RB30DET and have lowered it into my Laurel. Has all the usuals, FFP, Turbonetics T3/T4, RX7 550CC injectors etc.

I am having trouble trying to get the thing to go properly! It starts and idles fine, but if you punch the throttle even in netural it will fart and if you hold your foot flat it just dies. Same thing happens in gear, it is drivable with 1/4 throttle but no more. I have tried maxing out the fuel on  Accel and even the Master Fuel on the link to no affect as far as this problem is concerned, it just runs really rich when it does go.

I'm out of ideas, i have replaced the plugs, CAS, Ignition Modual, Coil Packs, It has good pressure at the rail and the Map Sensor is reading correctly, There doesn't appear to be any air leaks as such (Not Auidable anyway) It has a 500hp Fuel pump which has run this setup fine before.

I Believe its something to do with the Hardware more then the tune as i said maxing out fuel doesn't even affect it. I've had a Lamda meter on it and it seems like there is no Fuel AT ALL when you put the foot down.

Can anyone help me please?!?!?!??!!

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