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Quote from: live4liners;535926
id hate to be brutally honest as well, and while i would like to help out other cheated skyline/ car owners, but we do kind of have a bigger problem in nz. i too think we should be looking after ourselves before looking after others.
good luck with your fundraising however.

you are correct that this is not the best time, but unfortunately this is the time that the battle is going to go down. one of the most influential persons in the hole US skyline community had his cars seized, and you know why? because some one made a big lie and made up a huge story about him and once the agents got to his house and saw the "waste" of time they even had to call their higher bosses to ask permission to take his property because they knew that it was a waste of time but they were there so they had to do it..

so know since they cant do some thing more important like control the illegal immigration of millions of illegal aliens they are going after a few car owners so they can show that they are doing something(which 99.99% of Americans don't give a krap)
so please if you cant donate at this time, please pass this info in an email or other forums, so the car community car see our state of emergency and maybe some can donate..

Polls / Rotaries
« on: March 19, 2011, 06:03:17 AM »
a well built rotary wil beat almost any piston engine, and its a fact proven back, home all the time, compared liter and size vs a regular piston engine , rotary FTW!!

heres just a sample of what im saying...

Quote from: carlbgc;535912
Ok not a scam.
Donate to Skylines USA, all your funds go into the back pocket of some hot shot millionaire lawyer to fight an unwinnable case against the wealthiest government in the world.

I could go on to imagine what would happen if the situation was reversed and WE were asking THEM for money- but El Mamito seems like a nice guy and I'm feeling bad for being mean so I won't :D

Good luck with your fundraising!

thanks and actually we have a good chance of winning, some how the laws in this country are more gray than black and white, if you know what i mean..

and guys for the donations ANYTHING helps, so if you have any extra pocket change, 1,5 10 we'll take anything..

thanks for your support and please spread the word if every friend of yours just donate 5 bucks, imagine how much woudl that help at the long run.. ...

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / welcome back to me...
« on: March 16, 2011, 06:59:50 PM »
Quote from: Bender;535906
Hey man, Welcome back to the forums!! :)

thanks.... to bad is not on the happy side but glad to be back.. miss you guys dirt races...

cant remember the member that had a white R32 GTS with hand prints in color all over his car and raced...

Quote from: BADHAB|T;535903
I can vouch for that.... I have seen the thread started by El Mamito on and that forum is very quick to jump on any scammers (they even have a rule of 100 posts before selling to stop people joining to sell/scam). It would have long been removed by BC or the other mods if it wasn't a thread with legit info!

thank you, all those quotes are from Vandrel our CEO/Founder of SOUSA...

Quote from: carlbgc;535893
And for Christs sake, learn how to spell community. This thread sounds like a dirty porno flick.

i know sorry if notice i did change it in the lower tittle, cant change it on the top one.:(
Quote from: thrasher;535895
this guy obviously doesnt realise that new zealanders are not stupid like the americans and will would never buy into a scam as lame as this one

excuse me , you do not know me so i would really apreciate some respect. i never called any one stupid or moron or anything like that, this is not a scam and its been posted in almost every skyline forum that i know of. if you want to double check the validity of this post, please read the first link, also you can contact BigChief from SO and he is also aware of our situation..

also im not a stranger in this community,i used to post a lot here but i got ocupied with other stuff and got disconected for a whileeeee.

any questions please ask in a serious and respectful manner and ill try to answer in the shortest time possible,  thank you

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / welcome back to me...
« on: March 16, 2011, 06:19:38 PM »
thank you for your intentions guys..

hey anything is good. 1,5,10,20 what ever is good. thanks

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / welcome back to me...
« on: March 16, 2011, 04:26:25 PM »
Quote from: b00stinz;535861
I remember your username but were you on Im sure you had a avatar picture.

Sucks to hear about what is happening with your skylines there. I would be furious!
I don't normally donate to stuff but this like the christchurch earthquake is close to my heart, so I will be donating when my student budget can afford it soon :)

Quote from: BADHAB|T;535884
Welcome back
Yep, I remember your forum name from some time ago too :)

And boosty, yep hes on!

yes im on both. lately only in SOUSA but i go from time to time to SO and now here again..

thanks for the future donations.. and please spread the word to all your friends maybe some can donate and others later..

thanks guys..

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / welcome back to me...
« on: March 16, 2011, 02:20:35 PM »
Quote from: Lith;535856
Welcome!  And I remember you from a long time ago :D

:D yeap still here.. hows things down under...? for us is sucking rigth now. just check the link on the 1st post..

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / welcome back to me...
« on: March 16, 2011, 01:31:44 PM »
just posted it..

1- please donate ANYTHING that you can, from $1.00 to as much as you can and want

2- please copy/paste this post in all the forums that you guys can, we need to spread the word for our just cause and our rigths as US Citizens...

heres the info :

US Government Turns Up Heat on Skyline Owners

Quote from: Vandrel SOUSA founder
If you have read the other sticky threads then you are well aware of what is going on. At this point you should be asking yourself one simple question....

Do you want to be among those who stood up against the redundant laws and wasteful spending that is targeting your community, or do you want to be among those who stood back and watched everyone take a stand?

I am a normal person like the rest of you and I understand everyone has their own lives and issues to deal with each day, but this is a chance to make history. Over the past 4 days alone this community has pulled together and worked some magic. The steam has not slowed one bit and it continues to build each day. I have made it clear that it is my sole intent to devote all of my time and resources to fight this and protect everyone.

I do not expect everyone in the community to pitch in and I'm well aware that some of you desire to stay anonymous and out of the spot light, I respect that. I do however, ask that all of you take the time to consider the fact that you may be the next target, you may be the next person to get handed a warrant to seize your car, and when it happens there's nothing you can do to stop it. I have expressed my deepest concerns and passed along my recommendations on preventative measures to safeguard investments, though none of which are a 100% solution but rather deterrents to buy time.

Many of you have already come forth and expressed your desire to help. No help will be turned down, though the best form of help presently is financially. We are in our early stages of preparing for a major battle, one that will decide the fate of everyone's property. Property that is in a state of absolute danger right now. I can promise all of you that my property was just the tip of the iceberg. Those of you who wish to play with fire and remain in a state of denial will find yourselves in a tight spot eventually, up against ICE, and you'll regret not taking part in the organized effort with the rest of us.

Today, I ask that all of you do what is right, stand up for what's right and work together with your fellow community members. I am already in the spot light and on the front lines with ICE, therefore I have no issues being in the headlines of all of this. I will do what I can to take care of the community, unfortunately I too have a life with a family and responsibilities that do come first, but I will commit 110% of what I can. All I ask is for everyone else to do the same.

The Skyline Owners USA PayPal account will be the primary source for the funding of this operation. Donations of all sizes are welcomed and will be put towards legal fees and other related expenses over the course of this ordeal. All expenses and contributions will be documented and accounted for.

If we could manage to have at least 100 or more members step forward and donate $100 each then we could stand a chance to really get into the deep fight on challenging the laws. Financial backing will be everything if anyone expects a real effort on this. I can only do so much by using my own funds and going into this alone.

Our goal for each month is to raise $20,000. I do not fully expect that to happen this early on, but I do hope that everyone makes a effort to reach that goal. 200 members who donate $100 each per month would easily reach our target amount. Already we have received a most generous amount from several members with more planned in the future.

If you are a member here, you own a Skyline, you are in the U.S. and your car does not carry a bond release then you are among the primary ones who are to benefit the most from this operation. Everyone is encouraged to support this operation and I want everyone to keep in mind that not only are your fellow "state legal" members donating, but so are the bond release carrying members. Everyone is pitching in to do their part for the greater good of the community with one goal in mind, to ensure everyone keeps their cars. I, on the other hand, have already lost mine and frankly I don't care.

We made a attempt in 2009, it failed. Let's rewrite our history and show the rest of the world that we will not let the government walk all over us and take what's ours because they say so for no reason other then to collect more money off of us. Let's work together to change the laws that make no sense to anyone other then those who wrote them.

heres the page to donate for our cause,

Nissan Skyline Owners U.S.A. - Forum - PayPal Donate

thank you for your donations

more recent info:

Quote from: Vandrel
The problem with most of the sites that have picked up our story is that people seem to overlook the fact that 90% of the members in our community here had no part in how their cars came into the country.  Most of us were simple consumers buying a car in either a private party (person to person) sale or from a misleading business looking to make a quick buck.

Prior to 2008 nearly everyone on here was on their own with no hub like we have today.  Everyone was out and about thinking life was great.  Once the hub sparked up here and everyone started to talk to one another, only then did everyone start to put 2 and 2 together and realize that there's a lot of **** businesses out there that took most of us for a ride in some fashion.  Is it our faults for being the uninformed customers or buyers?  That's the real question.  That is what will turn the tides for all of us in the end.  None of our cars are stolen property, they were just victums to shady business practices which lead all of us to be caught in the middle of a war.
In the end it'll be the people's word vs the government on who's to blame and pay the price.  Is the government's case to be that no matter what the owners are the ones who are responsible and thus must pay the price?  Or are the people going to stand up and say, hey... don't blame us, blame the businesses and scammers who took us for a ride.  The majority of members on here would probably agree to pay "X" amount on taxes to retain ownership and posession of their cars rather then the government force forfiture and removal from the country.
Given that we can have a strong individual stand up and in a passionate mannor communicate our side of the story to the government and rest of the country then we would surely stand a chance to win this.

Quote from: Vandrel
No problem.
I've noticed on a lot of forums that people often try and make a comparison between stolen property and our cars, that a stolen car that is sold to someone else doesn't infact belong to them and is subject to forfiture.  That however, is not the case for our cars and it's common to see people out there who are very misinformed make comparisons that are apples and oranges.  
What I also find that people like to compare is drugs and our cars, saying that if you buy an illegal substance from someone that it's still illegal and you will A) lose it B) be in trouble.  Again, apples and oranges.  We're talking about cars, not illegal mind altering substances that are common knowledge to be illegal.  Furthermore, the technical classification for our cars wouldn't be "ILLEGAL", it would be "NON-CONFORMING" which ICE commonly classifies as "CONTRABAND" in that they were smuggled in the country.  Being that right now I can tell you it's a fact that ICE will not be able to source the exact method that everyone's cars entered the country because there is no database that accounts for auto parts being imported.  So for those of us who may have cars that entered as parts, there's no way for ICE to technically say your car was smuggled in without generalizing with fictional information to go off of.

There is also the little clause that covers reassembling parts that are imported.  Stating that it's ok to import auto parts (ie: a body) and it's not regulated, however if you reassemble it using the original parts (ie: strip it and put it back together) then that would be circumventing and a violation.  But again, who's to say that the parts are original and who's fault is it that the car was reassembled?  Again, is it the owners to blame?  Most of us simply bought a car that carried a valid state title.  Some of our cars have been registered and reregistered in states for over 8 years or more.

Introductions / New Member Welcomes / welcome back to me...
« on: March 16, 2011, 01:13:57 PM »
hi guys. i used to have an acct in this forum longo time ago and i guess you guys changed servers and it got lost.. any ways im from Puerto Rico but live in the US.. and rigth now the skyline owners community over there is having big problems with the gov. ..ill post a link later to out story..

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