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How to communicate with a R33 Skyline ECU

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Does anyone know how to talk to the ECU via the TX/RX. Looks like it does not comply with OBD standard and i would like to view engine details in realtime on a PC.
Any other details on this would be great.

good question!

wonderin' that myself, I think you gotta upgrade/backpack  ur ecu, or dunno really
 yeah good question



Considering there is a TX/RX and CLK signal one would assume that you could communicate with the ECU so i dont see the logic of an upgrade or backpack.

This is one of the most difficult subjects to get info on for not only the skyline but any car that is not OBD compliant.

Imagine what you could do if you could talk directly to the ECU, even from just a real time information perspective!

That Harry Connick Jr Guy:
I know sumone who is supposedly getting a rom emulator for real time tunning and data logging...

Don't know much about hoe they work yet but i'm assuming they plug into the rom slot on the ecu board. Will let you know when i figure it out. But should be fun.

I think they are a little hard to come by and expensive!

Someone has made software to do this for the 300zx....looks real nice...wish they did it for gtir :-P cant remember where on the net i saw it tho :S


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