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Author Topic: FOR SALE 1989 R32 GTST 300rwkw $8000.00  (Read 988 times)


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FOR SALE 1989 R32 GTST 300rwkw $8000.00
« on: March 14, 2016, 04:18:48 PM »
Here is my much loved R32 Skyline which I’ve owned for over 10 years (was Originally a GTS but previous owner who had the car for over 5 years had 20det fitted). She’s been a solid car and a load of fun to drive. I have been living in Australia now for 4 years and I don’t plan on coming back to NZ. It’s too expensive to ship my car over and it would cost even more to get it registered. So it’s time for someone else to enjoy this car as much as I have.
This car has been driven how it was meant to and has always ran strong. It was running consistent low 12’s @ 118 MPH with loads of wheel spin off the line.
The Interior is stripped out and although there is no creature comforts the sound is fantastic which is all part of the experience when driving this machine.

Registration is on Hold and I will be selling it with No WOF as being In Australia makes it very difficult. You would need some cheap stock parts for a WOF or just have it certified. Mechanically in good condition.

Because I‘m selling from Aus you can contact Reece 0226438299 to organize Inspections. Or any questions email me

Please no swaps or trades of course and Payment buy bank cheque or electronic transfer ONLY. $8000.00

This Car made 292 Rear Wheel Kilowatts and has since increased to over 300 with Upgraded intake and Intercooler. PLEASE NOTE: this car is tuned to run on 30% Ethanol which you can purchase easily from (It’s not Expensive) and you can mix it at the Pump. 1 Part 100% ethanol 2 Parts 98. I prefer BP Ultimate that already has a little Ethanol in it.

Modifications are as follows:

•   Rebuilt RB20det (Stock Internals)
•   Custom Intake Manifold
•   Blitz BOV
•   Custom T3T04e turbo (Don’t know specs anymore) Running 21 Psi
•   38mm Wastegate
•   Trust 600x300x100 GTR Intercooler
•   450cc injectors
•   Walbro Fuel Pump
•   Battery relocated to boot
•   K&N Filter
•   Full 3’ Exhaust with HKS Muffler
•   Custom twin entry Fuel Rail
•   SARD Fuel Pressure Reg
•   Wasted Spark Ignition System
•   Gizzmo Electronic Boost Controller
•   Exedy 5 Puk Button Clutch
•   Locked Diff
•   HICAS Lock Bar
•   Rear Subframe Pineapple bushes
•   Koya Drift Tek’s (17”x 8” Front and 17” x 9” Rear)
•   235 Dunlop Direzza’s Front/ 255 Goodyear GSD3’s Rear (Loads of tread)
•   BC Adjustable Coil Over Suspension
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